Review: Jubilo Iwata 2-2 Cerezo Osaka (J1 MD30)

All their might. Despite each player’s dynamic performance, conceding two goals with a collapsed defense in the second half. They do not achieve three consecutive wins for the regrettable defeat.

Cerezo Osaka challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 26 against Jubilo Iwata at away stadium. Since it was the 5th game of the 7 consecutive matches and it was only after a two days interval from the previous match, Section 26 against Urawa Reds, eight starters were changed from the Urawa match. Like Hinata Kida, who appeared for the first time in the league match, and GK Keisuke Shimizu, who was the first starter in the league match after joining, the fresh members were lined up.

In the first half, as time passed Cerezo started to dominate the match against Iwata, who solidified their defense with a [5-4-1]. As they increased the possession time and entered the opposition half, in the 8th minute, Adam Taggart threw a first shot from Hiroshi Kiyotake’s pass. In the 15th minute, they got a big chance from a counterattack. Hirotaka Tameda carried the ball forward dribbling, Kiyotake fed a cross and Adam Taggart made a return pass, but it did not match for one more step to Hikaru Nakahara who was waiting in the center.
In the 21st minute, Funaki received a side change from Kida and passed forward. Adam Taggart successfully dropped it and Tameda fired a shot. Then they succeeded in scoring the opener in the 26th minute. Funaki, who was playing against his old club, stole the ball at a high position, Kida passed it vertically, and Adam Taggart, who received Kiyotake's drop, dodged the opponent's DF and scored a skillful shot with his left foot. With a series of flowing short counters, they moved the score. In defense, they allowed Iwata the shots only twice in the first half, and both were out of the frame. They finished the first half with safe content.

In the second half, Iwata made a scoring chance at the beginning, but the shot went out of the frame and there was nothing to happen. Then in the 51st minute, Cerezo got a scoring chance from a counterattack. Tameda came out to Kiyotake’s pass and sent a return pass, and Adam Taggart matched it but met a block of DF. However, the additional point from the CK obtained here. Ryosuke Shindo matched Nakahara's kick with his high-hitting-point header and scored his second goal of the season since the opening game. After that, Cerezo kept possession and continued to play in the opposition half, but conceded a goal in the 57th minute due to being attacked in the momentary lack of attention. It all started because they were unable to check the opponent’s throw-in, which was a high position for Cerezo, and allowed the opponents to change the side. After Iwata got close to one point difference, in the regrettable form as Shimizu said “We could avoid that way of conceding”, Cerezo turned to be only defensive against Iwata who attacked effectively using the width of left-right. With this flow, Iwata connected passes and broke their side, and Shindo was unable to clear the cross at the end and scored an own goal. Iwata made the score tie.

Immediately after that, Manager Akio Kogiku brought in Satoki Uejo, Seiya Maikuma, and Tokuma Suzuki all at once. When they regained the flow, they got a scoring chance in the 76th minute. Adam Taggart, who took the back of the opponents from Tameda's pass, won one-on-one with the GK, but it was judged as no goal for the offside. A VAR judgement was also carried out, but the result was not overturned. It did not become a goal to win, but they had another scoring chance in the following 81st minute. After connecting many passes and brilliantly breaking Iwata’s defense, at the end, Adam Taggart made a shot from Hiroaki Okuno's last pass, but it was blocked by GK’s good save. In the 87th minute, Cerezo gave Iwata a scoring chance, but Shimizu made a big save here and did not concede a third goal. In the additional time of the second half, Uejo came out and was about to bring in a one-on-one with GK, but the opponent DF blocked it with a foul. Since it was a red card, Cerezo had a numerical advantage at the last minute, but there was no time left and the match ended 2-2. In terms of raising the team's standards, this section was meaningful, but there were still issues in the way of carrying the game after scoring two goals, and they were unable to win three straight games. They missed the chance to chase the higher ranked team. Next week, it will be the Levain Cup semi-final against Urawa. They would like to refresh their minds and bodies, raise the atmosphere to win, and work together as one team to advance to the finals.