Review: Cerezo Osaka 3-1 Gamba Osaka (J1 MD14)

Despite conceding an opener, scored three goals in the second half. The reversed win in the Osaka Derby, that Yodoko Sakura Stadium got excited.

It was the first “Osaka Derby” in this season as the league match. At Yodoko Sakura Stadium, 18,750 people gathered, which was the largest number in this year. In the match that was filled with enthusiasm before the start, Cerezo Osaka overwhelmed Gamba Osaka in both content and score, and won 3-1. They won their second victory in this season's "Osaka Derby" including the Cup game, and updated the undefeated record.

The starting lineup was changed from the previous section against Nagoya Grampus by three players. Riki Harakawa returned to the anchor, Koji Toriumi replaced Ryuya Nishio in the CB, and Adam Taggart, who was the first starter in this season's official game, was in the solo FW. It was Cerezo who dominated the game with possession from the beginning. In the 14th minute, Adam Taggart, who took the back of the opponent from the pass of Toriumi, had a first chance, and in the 21st minute Adam Taggart and Hiroshi Kiyotake in the 24th minute made a shot. GK Kim Jin Hyeon’s accurate passes also shined, and they tried to break through assembling firmly, then it was another chance in the 28th minute. From the breakthrough of Ryosuke Yamanaka, Riku Matsuda matched the cross on the other side, but the shot could not catch the frame slightly. Then, in the 33rd minute, Gamba, who had hardly had a chance so far, scored the opener. From the mistake in their own half, Leandro Pereira broke through the side and fed a cross, and Hiroto Yamami headed on the far side and scored. Once it was judged as GK Kim Jin Hyeon stopped the goal just on the line, but as a result of the VAR judgment, Gamba's goal was recognized.

For Cerezo, although they seemed to have an advantage as the content, it became a difficult development due to conceding an opener. Even so, "Mr. Kogiku said,'We can definitely reverse the score,' and we also entered the second half, believing that we could reverse if we went as it is," (Kiyotake), with raising faces up. In the second half, they used more people in the front line rather than the first half, and a thick attack was launched. In the 49th minute, Matsuda got a scoring chance again from Yamanaka’s cross. In the 56th minute, Seiya Maikuma entered in front of the goal with Adam Taggart. Cerezo, who entered the second half with the aim of "balancing the center breakthrough and side change. Sharing the design around the penalty area and box" (Manager Akio Kogiku), approached Gamba’s goal and finally caught up with the tie in the 58th minute. From Kim Jin Hyeon's message-filled pass, Matsuda and Kiyotake connected it, and Okuno Hiroaki came out to Kiyotake's exquisite through pass. Okuno was not able to shoot, but he managed to keep the ball and Adam Taggart picked up the loose ball and scored. The stadium's voltage increased at once with the long-awaited first goal of the season with a uniform number of 9, and they succeeded in reversing, from the counterattack in the 66th minute. Harakawa stole the ball in the middle range, and Yamanaka, who received Kiyotake's through pass, crossed directly. Okuno jumped in here and scored with his header.

In the second half, Cerezo did not give Gamba a chance to fight back after the lead, such as restraining Gamba's shot to zero. In the 87th minute, as Sota Kitano, who participated in the middle of the match, broke through the side and brought it to the decisive scene, they attacked until the end, then in the 90th + 4th minute, they got the third point which concluded the game result. They bounced back the Gamba's set piece, and Maikuma dribbled and carried it, attracted the opponent, and passed to Okuno who ran into the space. Okuno said, "At first I was thinking of keeping it on the side, but the moment I dropped it in front of me, there was space. I went inside and switched to aiming for the goal directly",and he boldly shot to the near side and shook the net. Immediately after, the whistle of the end of the game blew, and the stadium was filled with joy. Although the first goal was stolen, Cerezo continued to push Gamba while having the initiative from beginning to end. "I'm glad that each and every one of the things we have accumulated from the camp has come out in this way as the content and the result " as Manager Kogiku looked back, Cerezo brilliantly won the 57th "Osaka Derby" in total.