Review: Shimizu S-Pulse 1-3 Cerezo Osaka (J1 MD4)

Two goals from the left foot of Ryosuke Yamanaka who grabbed his first starter in the league. Won their first league match this season.

After a five days interval from the previous match against FC Tokyo, Cerezo Osaka boarded the away stadium and challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 4 with Shimizu S-Pulse. The starting lineup was changed from the FC Tokyo match to three players. Hiroto Yamada was the starter for the first time this season, and Ryosuke Yamanaka, who entered the left side back, became the first starter in the league match after joining.

It was Cerezo who took the initiative from the start. After getting set-pieces in quick succession, in the 10th minute, Koji Toriumi headed to Riki Harakawa's CK on the far side, creating a regrettable scene. In the defense, they actively pressed to prevent the opponent's build-up, and in the attack, the triangle of Harakawa, Hirotaka Tameda and Yamanaka, who took a high position, worked well. After the 25th minute, there was time for the opponent to keep possession, but in the 45th minute, just before the end of the first half, they shook Shimizu's goal net. Yamanaka, who received a pass from Toriumi, carried it vertically and made a sharp cross with his left foot. When Yamada jumped in here at an exquisite timing, he invited the own goal of the opponent DF and Cerezo succeeded in scoring the opener.

As in the first half, Cerezo continued to play in the opposite half also in the second half, obtaining set-pieces in quick succession from the start, but in the 54th minute, a momentary gap was found and they conceded a goal. The voltage of the stadium suddenly seemed to lean toward the home team, but it was Yamanaka who cut off this flow again. In the 57th minute, Cerezo cut the opponent's GK's pass at a high position, and Harakawa quickly fed it to the left side. When Yamanaka sent a cross with a careful aim from a quick swing kick, it was Hiroaki Okuno who jumped in with Yamada. He hit his right foot firmly even in a difficult position and pushed it into the goal. Immediately after this, Yamada, who had been showing good play such as making some starting points of attack on the front line in this game, had a series of chances, but while he could not finish it, they gave a scoring chance to Shimizu in the 74th minute. However, GK Kim Jin Hyeon made a super save in this crisis. After surpassing the biggest pinch, in the 83rd minute, Satoki Uejo, who was substituted from the midway, received Okuno's pass and scored the third goal to make doubly sure the victory. It was his first J1 goal for Kamijo. The supporters who filled the visitor seats in pink were also very excited.

Cerezo won the match 3-1 as it was. It had been about a week since the opening 5 consecutive games. "We have shared and prepared the priority of the attack to build up and score goals. The players expressed what they had prepared on the ground," said Manager Akio Kogiku with a smile on his face. Also, for Cerezo, it was the first J1 game victory at Shimizu’s home in 18 years since 2004. With one historic win, they won their first league match this season.