J1 vs Oita Trinita: Match Report

A battle to restart. Despite making chances, they could not reverse the score of the first half and lost 0-1.

Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 31 was the first match in October. Cerezo Osaka challenged an away game with Oita Trinita and changed four starting line-ups from the latest match against Kashima Antlers. Adam Taggart returned to the starter for the first time in two league games and Naoyuki Fujita also did for the first time in three games. And for both side backs, Ryosuke Shindo and Yuta Koike entered.

At the beginning, Cerezo got some FKs in a row, but the match started at Oita’s pace. However, after GK Kim Jin Hyeon blocked Oita’s scoring chance with a good save in the 8th minute, they cut the opponent's pass in the 16th and the 17th minute and activated the short counterattack. When they pushed back the flow, then in the 18th minute, Mutsuki Kato jumped into Koike's cross on the near side and had a scoring chance. It slightly did not match, and Shindo also approached it on the far side but did not reach it for one step. From around this time, Cerezo regained the initiative of the game, and got another scoring chance in the 31st minute. Kato took Koike's pass and connected it to Tatsuhiro Sakamoto and Taggart, and then Taggart carried it dribbling and fed an exquisite cross. Takashi Inui reacted to it on the far side, but the shot unfortunately hit the crossbar. Then, in the 34th minute, they conceded a goal. Oita found the space behind on the right side and provided a cross to the center, and Yamato Machida reacted to it and shook the goal net. In the 36th minute, Cerezo connected the pass from Ayumu Seko and broke the right side, Taggart headed to Shindo's cross, but the shot was out of the frame. From the beginning, the match progressed with the development of "seesaw game" (Manager Akio Kogiku), but they allowed the opponents to score the opener and finished the first half with 0-1.

In the second half, Manager Kogiku replaced Taggart with Hiroto Yamada. In the 51st minute, Kato received the pass from Yamada, turned around and shot. He almost made a scoring chance but the shot was blocked by GK. Cerezo took more possession rather than the first half, but did not break the opponent's defense. They minimised the pinch not to concede a second goal, but one point was far. In the 75th minute, Tiago, Hiroaki Okuno, and Yoshito Okubo entered the pitch for the substitution, and in the 88th minute, Okubo, who received Yamada's pass, got a scoring chance. The shot flew to the exquisite course, but was blocked by the GK again. In the last minutes, Manager Kogiku let Tiago play in the front line as a “power play”. In the 90th + 1st minute, Tiago won the battle for Okuno's cross against the opponent and Kato picked up the dropped ball, but the shot that flew in the frame was cleared by the opponent's DF. The match ended 0-1 as it was. Cerezo fought for a tie and a reversal until the end, but could not break Oita's goal and lost two league games in a row.

In the unseasonable heat wave, it became an exhausting battle, but the next battle is coming soon. First of all, it is the J.League YBC Levain Cup semi-final with Urawa Reds, which starts from an away match. It will be held after a two days interval from this Oita match and the preparation period is short, but they would like to adjust the conditions firmly and play "with high motivation" (Riki Harakawa) in order to connect to the second match at home in a good way.