J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Match Report

Ryosuke Shindo scored the final point in his return match. The offense and the defense of the team worked well, and they won the league match for the first time in three games.

After a three days interval from the last match against Urawa Reds. Cerezo Osaka challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 32 against Sanfrecce Hiroshima in away stadium again. They changed five starters from the previous match. Adam Taggart, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto and Riki Harakawa had returned, and for the both side back, Yuta Koike and Ryosuke Shindo, who played for the first time since Section 10 against Urawa Reds, entered.

At the beginning, Cerezo had a pinch simply due to letting the opponent take the back of them, but Kim Jin Hyeon covered it with his good save. After that, they took possession and the pace of the game. Then, they got a scoring chance in the 9th minute. Taggart directly sent the pass vertically to the diagonal pass from Shindo, and Mutsuki Kato was running from the behind and had a one-on-one with the GK but was not able to bring it to the shot.

Cerezo, who passed over the opponent's press and created chances using the free space, also got another scoring chance in the 20th minute. They connected the pass from Kim Jin Hyeon to Ayumu Seko, and to Harakawa, and Koike, who came out to Takashi Inui’s flick, fed a cross. Taggart fired a shot, but unfortunately it could not catch the frame. In the 22nd minute as well, Inui received the pass from Hiroaki Okuno and strongly made a middle shot. In the first half for Cerezo, not only the offense but also the defense starting from the two FWs worked well. They sandwiched the opponent synchronising together, and picked up the second ball and connected it to the second and third attacks. Although they were not able to score in front of Hiroshima's defense which they were using their body, Cerezo sneaked through the opponent's defense and attacked at a good tempo, and the first half finished.

The flow of the game did not change in the second half either. In the 51st minute, Kato made a quick connection from the throw-in and shot. It was blocked by a good save by GK, but when the momentum increased, they finally succeeded in the opener in the 55th minute. Cerezo was approaching the goal with a thick attack, and at the moment Harakawa got the ball, Shindo, on the right side back, started running. Harakawa sent a soft pass to Shindo, and Sindo dropped the ball in front with his chest. The ball that Sakamoto caught with his thighs reached Shindo again like in the form of one-two, and he screwed it into the goal with his left foot. Shindo had an operation for the impingement syndrome of his posterior right ankle in June, and this match was his return match. The team was very excited about the goal of celebrating his return.

To Hiroshima who started the counterattack with the substitution for three players at the same time after the goal, Cerezo had more time to defend, but they did not change the consciousness of "defense from the front", and kept the strength of defense from the front line including the member substitution. They did not let Hiroshima make a chance almost the whole time, but they were afraid only in the 87th minute. Yuya Asano took the back from Sho Sasaki's pass and shook the goal net, but there was no score for the offside. After that, Cerezo firmly used the time well and defended without danger and won 1-0. They got 3 winning points for the first time in three league games. "Take a good standing position, share it with everyone, move the ball forward, and go for the goal. All work together to defend at the same time synchronising. I'm glad to win the match with the many wonderful scenes," as Manager Akio Kogiku said after the match, it was a great match in terms of content.