J1 vs Urawa Reds: Match Report

The away match against Urawa Reds after a 2 days interval from ACL. They could not break the opponent's pace from beginning to end and lost 0-2.

Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 29, the away match against Urawa Red Diamonds after a two days interval from AFC Champions League Round 16 against Pohang Steelers. Although the typhoon that had been a concern changed to an extratropical cyclone, it began to rain one hour before the start of the game, and it was the game under the rain blowing. The starting lineup was changed by 4 players from the Pohang match. Ayumu Seko and Ryuya Nishio returned to CB and Mutsuki Kato and Jun Nishikawa entered as two FWs.

The game progressed at Urawa's pace from the beginning, and after giving CK in the 3rd minute and the 4th minute in a row, they conceded a goal in the 10th minute. Cerezo’s press from the front line was broken, and Ataru Esaka, who received a pass from Takahiro Sekine, came out between CB and SB and calmly scored. Immediately after the 13rd minute, they gave another scoring chance to Urawa from a mistake of pass exchange in their own half, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon blocked Esaka's header. He did not allow the additional goal here. In the offensive, Cerezo was not able to carry the ball forward well and make a chance, but after the water break, they were gradually able to play in the opposite half by changing the position arrangement. In the 29th minute, Seko, Takashi Inui, Yusuke Maruhashi, and Kato connected the passes and they broke the left side. And in the 31st minute, starting from Nishikawa’s press, Inui made a shot. In additional time, after Seko succeeded in cutting a pass at a high position, a counterattack was launched by connecting passes through Inui, Nishikawa, and Kato, and Kato shot at the end, but it was over the crossbar.

Cerezo succeeded in finishing the first half while regaining momentum, but at the beginning of the second half, the pass from Kim Jin Hyeon was disordered, leading to a decisive pinch. But the opponent's shot was out of the frame and there was nothing to happen. In the second half, Cerezo took possession at the start, but while they were not able to bring it to the shot, they conceded the second goal in the 59th minute. With one long feed from CB, Kota Yuruki got out of the back and scored. In the 62nd minute, in order to counterattack, Cerezo substituted four players at the same time. Two FWs and both side halves were changed at once to go on the offensive, but on the contrary, they also received Urawa's counterattack, and at the final stage they had a series of pinches. However, in the 82nd and the 87th minutes, Kim Jin Hyeon made good saves and defended the goal, and Riku Matsuda covered at the pinch in the additional time and they did not give Urawa a third goal. They managed to endure with the defense that seemed to break, but in the attack they could not make the scoring chance until the end, and ended up with only four shots throughout the game.

Cerezo boarded the home of Urawa who was in a good momentum. They struggled to stop the losing streak in the official game, but in addition to the difficulty of the condition of the 11th game of the 13th consecutive game, they suffered a defeat in the form of seeing the difference in the current location of the both teams in offense and defense. They will have games with Urawa again next month in the J.League YBC Levain Cup semi-finals. They would like to make use of the lessons learned in this match and connect them to win the cup match.