J1 vs Yokohama FC: Match Report

Tiago scored two goals from the set piece, and Sakamoto also scored the sixth goal this season. Reversed and won the league match for the first time at Yodoko Sakura Stadium.

It was a long-awaited victory. This section has obtained 3 winning points for the first time in 12 games in the league match. In the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 25, which welcomed Yokohama FC to home, the opponents scored the opener in the 19th minute of the first half, but in the 34th and 37th minute, it was reversed with Tiago’s two goals from the set piece. Tatsuhiro Sakamoto also scored an additional point in the second half and they won a come-from-behind victory with 3-1.

Cerezo changed the starting lineup by three members after a two days interval from the Emperor's Cup Round 16 against Sagan Tosu. Sakamoto, Riku Matsuda, and Yusuke Maruhashi returned, and they took the system of [3-4-2-1]. This game became a mirror game. It was Cerezo who had the first scoring chance. In the 5th minute, Riku Matsuda and Sakamoto broke the right side, and Hiroaki Okuno reacted to Sakamoto's cross, but the shot was blocked by the GK. After that, when Yokohama FC had more time to take possession, they allowed the opponents the opener in the 19th minute. Tiago bounced off the cross from the right side once, but Yokohama picked up the second ball, vertically carried and then scored. Also in the 30th minute, the back of the left was taken and the goal net was shaken, but this was offside and no goal. After getting out of a pinch, Cerezo caught up to the tie in the 34th minute. Tiago matched Yusuke Maruhashi's FK with his header and screwed it into the goal. In addition in the 37th minute as well, Tiago scored from the set piece. This time, he reacted to Naoyuki Fujita's CK with his head again and succeeded in reversal. Immediately after the second goal, Manager Levir Culpi replaced Takaya Nishio with Yuta Toyokawa. And they changed the system to [4-4-2].

Unlike the first half, in which the back side was a little heavier, Toyokawa aggressively chased the ball from the front line in the second half, pushing up the whole line and picking up the second ball to dominate the game. Then, in the 55th minute, they succeeded in scoring an additional point. Toyokawa kept the pass from GK Kim Jin Hyeon with his body. He fed it to Hiroshi Kiyotake, and Kiyotake received, carried it dribbling and sent the through pass to Sakamoto who was running diagonally. Sakamoto brought it from the exquisite trap to the shot and vividly scored to the far side net. They got another scoring chance in the 62nd minute. This time Toyokawa kept the pass from Maruhashi. He sent a pass to Kiyotake who ran from behind, and Kiyotake passed to Adam Taggart inside. It seemed to be scored, but it did not reach Taggart slightly. In the 71st minute, Toyokawa, who took the back from Kim Jin Hyeon’s pass, invited the red card of the opponent's DF, and Cerezo got a numerical advantage. After that, Cerezo continued to attack until the end as Toyokawa in the 81st minute and Mutsuki Kato in the 90th minute got chances. In the defensive, they had some pinches at the end of the game, but they endured centering on Ayumu Seko and the time was up without conceding any goals.

"I was really happy to be able to contribute to the team’s winning. Today's goal has become my best goal," said Tiago, who scored two goals. After the match, they shared with their supporters the victory for the first time in about four months in the league match and the first victory at Yodoko Sakura Stadium in the league match, and the whole stadium was filled with smiles and joy.