J1 vs Vegalta Sendai: Match Report

The number of chances exceeded, but one point was far and finished as a scoreless draw. It was a draw for 5 games in a row in a league match.

The Meiji Yasuda J1 League had been restarted after the suspension period due to the Tokyo Olympics. Cerezo Osaka received Vegalta Sendai to own home and challenged Section 23. The two starters changed from the latest Emperor's Cup 3rd round against Albirex Niigata. Ayumu Seko, who returned from the U-24 Japan National Team, entered the CB, and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto also came back. For the right side back where Riku Matsuda could not play due to the suspension, Ryuya Nishio entered.

It was a game that took place in the midst of strong winds caused by typhoon No. 9. In the first half, Cerezo changed the court and chose upwind. Then, right after the game started, Seko bounced back with his head when the opponent's kick was returned by the wind, and Adam Taggart connected it and got a chance. Hiroshi Kiyotake came out to the back of the left side, but the shot was blocked by the DF. After that, Cerezo increased the time to take possession, and they made opportunities from the right side in the 5th minute and the 13th minute. In the 20th minute, Kiyotake fed a pass to Adam Taggart who came out to the back and it was about to be a chance, and then in the 31st minute, Yusuke Maruhashi made a long shot from own half with his left foot. The wind brought the shot to the goal, but it was slightly out of the frame. In the 43rd minute from Tiago’s cross and in the additional time from Kiyotake’s pass, Adam Taggart headed and had scoring chances, but both were blocked by a good save by GK. Cerezo continued to make chances in the first half against Sendai, who entered the match from the defense, but could not score a goal and finished the first half with 0-0.

The development did not change in the second half that they played in the downwind. Cerezo connected the ball and attacked, approaching Sendai's goal. In the 53rd minute, Kiyotake flicked a vertical pass from Riki Harakawa, and Haruki Arai, who entered the pitch from the second half, made a shot. And in the 56th minute, Tiago directly aimed for a goal with a strong kick from FK. Immediately after that, Arai had a great opportunity from CK, but the shot did not meet. In the 64th minute, Adam Taggart got a chance from the cross of Maruhashi. In the 68th minute as well, Adam Taggart ran out to Arai's through pass and got another chance, but the shot could not be completed. Cerezo carried the game pushing forward from beginning to end, but it was the frustrating development that one point was far. So far, Cerezo did not let Sendai make many chances, but at the end of the game, the time to be attacked was increased including the opponent’s player substitution. Even so, they did not give a scoring chance centering on Tiago and Seko, but they got a big pinch in the 90th minute. When the starting point was made on the right side, Kim Jin Hyeon repelled the shot of Rikiya Uehara, and the loose ball was pushed in by Takuma Nishimura, but the shot hit the post directly. It was a chilling scene, but they managed to evade losing the point.

They avoided the result of losing points at the last minute and got one winning point, but considering the number of chances, it was a match that they wanted to win. With this, they have marked a draw for 5 consecutive league matches, with no wins in 10 games. In order to get a chance to ascend to higher rank, only victory is required in the next section against Avispa Fukuoka.