J1 vs Sagan Tosu: Match Report

The draw that bounced off the difference of 2 points in 2 games in a row. In the last of 9 consecutive matches, obtained 1 winning point gathering all the team power.

After a two days interval from J1 Section 21 against FC Tokyo. Cerezo Osaka boarded away and challenged a game with Sagan Tosu. The starters were the same 11 players as in the previous section. It was the last match in the isolated life called "bubble system" that continued from the AFC Champions League.

In response to the reflection of the previous section, which suffered losing two goals in the first half, the start of the match was one of the points of this section, but they lost a goal in less than a minute. Both sides were broken and they allowed the opponents to score the opener in a second. Then, they lost another point in the 8th minute in the form of being drunk by Tosu's momentum. They were forced to play in a difficult development. They had another pinch in the 14th minute, but after Ryuya Nishio blocked it with his body, they returned 1 point in the 18th minute.

After Yoshito Okubo's shot was bounced back by the GK, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto blocked the clearing of the DF, and Mutsuki Kato picked up the bounce and shot boldly. This hit the DF and was sucked into the goal. With Kato’s goal in two consecutive games, they closed the gap to 1 point difference and took the pace of the game for a while. In the 24th minute, Riku Matsuda cut the GK’s pass, ran up directly and threatened the goal from the cross. In the 42nd minute, Tosu got a scoring chance again, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon made a good save here. It was thought that the first half would be finished by one point difference as it was, but Cerezo made a mistake in the build-up and lost a point in additional time. The first half ended in a difficult form.

As in the previous section, Cerezo entered the second half with the development of chasing two points. Toshiyuki Takagi entered from the beginning of the second half and they launched the counterattack. In the 46th minute, Hiroshi Kiyotake, who moved to the attacking MF, made a good shot from a one-two with Kato, and also in the 48th minute, Tiago made a critical chance from Riki Harakawa’s FK. Cerezo gained the counterattack mood, but Tosu’s momentum had not diminished. In the 56th minute, Cerezo's net was shaken by CK, but Tosu had a hand and scored no points. Kim Jin Hyeon blocked a pinch of 64th minute with a great save, and surpassed without giving the 4th point. Then in the 68th minute, they got the FK in a perfect position. Of course, it was Harakawa to kick. A kick of "the feeling was good" headed for the goal, but unfortunately it hit the crossbar directly.

However, Cerezo scored a second point from this flow. The shot of Takagi who picked up the loose ball was blocked by the cover of DF, but Kiyotake picked up the loose ball again and fed the cross. Sakamoto approached where the opponent GK and the ally DF collided and fumbled, and Kato pushed it in. From here, the match became an open development in which both teams attacked each other. In the 74th and 75th minute, Sakamoto fired a shot from the dribble, and in the 76th minute Tosu's shot hit the post. In the 80th minute, Kato's direct shot from Harakawa's CK was stopped by the GK nearly on the goal line. After playing in the seesaw game, the next point was Cerezo’s turn. Sakamoto who received Takagi's pass got a PK from a bold dribble breakthrough. He scored this by himself, and Cerezo caught up to the tie in the 87th minute.

Then, immediately after that, Cerezo had another scoring chance. Hiroaki Okuno matched Takagi's returning pass from a flowing attack, but the shot was blocked by the DF.

Both teams approached the goal until the end, including the additional time of 6 minutes, but the time was up without a single goal. After a 2 days interval from the previous section. And since it was the last game of 9 consecutive matches including the ACL, many players of Cerezo fell into the pitch right after the game ended. Although losing 3 points only in the first half, Cerezo caught up to the tie using the substitution of 5 players and obtained the valuable 1 winning point following the previous section. After this, the official game is closed until the third round of the Emperor's Cup to be held on the 4th of next month. They would like to connect the results of July, when the team's overall strength has increased, to the results of the battle in August.