J1 vs Nagoya Grampus: Match Report

In the match, which was a competitive development, they were not able to recover the lost point that was marked from the unlucky form and were regrettably defeated.

After a 5 days interval from the Osaka derby which ended with a 1-1 draw. Cerezo Osaka boarded the away stadium and challenged the match with Nagoya Grampus. As for the members, Yoshito Okubo, who was injured in the previous section, was out in this section. Motohiko Nakajima, who scored the opener in the Osaka derby, grabbed the J1 starter for the first time, and they started the game with a [4-2-3-1] system that Hiroshi Kiyotake entered the position under the top line.

At the beginning, it was Cerezo who got the pace. When they attacked mainly on the left side, in the 5th minute, Yusuke Maruhashi, who came out to Kiyotake's pass, dribbled through the opponent and crossed. Yuta Toyokawa jumped in it but did not meet, so it was a regrettable scene. In the 15th minute, Kiyotake and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto connected the pass, and then Nakajima approached the goal with a middle shot, which he is good at, and in the 20th minute, Toyokawa, who took the behind of the opponent from Dankler's pass, made a shot, but it was blocked by the DF.

After the water break, while Nagoya was catching a good pace, Cerezo was showing a not-bad development, but like in the previous section, an accident occurred in this section as well. Nakajima left in the 38th minute due to "muscular discomfort" (Manager Levir Culpi). It was Toshiyuki Takagi who entered the left MF instead. This was the return match for him since the match against Shonan Bellmare in Section 6, and as soon as he entered, he made a starting point of attack on the left side and connected it to Dankler's shot from the cross.

It was Cerezo that showed a good entry in the second half as well. In the 47th minute, Sakamoto responded to a loose ball from Tiago’s feed and made a middle shot. To the cross of Riku Matsuda, who picked up the bounced loose ball that was blocked by DF, Takagi shot in this time, and they launched the wavy attack. After that, as in the first half, it was a seesaw game. The defenses of each other did not break, and the chances for both were from set-piece. The match that went on a competitive development like they “erase the goodness each other” (Manager Culpi) moved in a slightly unlucky way for Cerezo in the 66th minute.

Yutaka Yoshida of Nagoya picked up the ball when Cerezo’s build-up was failed, Manabu Saito fed it to the front line, and then the ball that hit Tiago's foot corresponding to Yoichiro Kakitani reached Yutaka Yoshida, who were running out in front of the goal in the way like one-two. This was pushed into the goal by Yoshida and they allowed Nagoya to take the lead.

In the 69th minute, Cerezo wanted to fight back, and Mutsuki Kato and Jun Nishikawa took the place of Toyokawa and Kiyotake to form the two-top. In the 77th minute, Kato reacted Maruhashi's cross, but the shot was out of the frame. In the 86th minute, Riki Matsuda, who used to play in Nagoya Grampus, also entered and aimed for a tie goal, but they were not able to break the defense of Nagoya, who was in a runaway position, and the time was up. Following the previous section, the chances of Nagoya were minimized, centered on Tiago and Dankler, who formed a combination of CB, but in this section they were not able to form the attacking pattern, and it was not possible to grab a victory to break into the upper ranks.