J1 vs Shonan Bellmare: Match Report

Strong winds and slanting rain. Despite the inferior development in away game, kept the concentration and obtained 1 winning point without any lost point.

This section was the last of the seven consecutive league games that had continued since the season opening. Cerezo Osaka boarded the away stadium aiming for four consecutive wins and challenged a match with Shonan Bellmare.
The starters chosen by the manager Levir Culpi were the same for five games in a row. The reliable eleven lined up on the pitch even in the tight schedule. In addition to the rain that fell from before the game, as strong winds blew at the beginning of the game, in the match under the bad weather, Shonan who chose the end stood upwind and Cerezo went to receive it in the first half.

In the 7th minute, they had a pinch from the cross, and in the 20th minute the center was broken and the goal net was shaken, but Shonan's player had a hand just before the goal, so it was no goal. After that, Cerezo was not able to carry the ball to the forward because of the strong wind. The development that they received Shonan’s attacks lasted, but after the defense team dealt with the opponent’s finish well centering GK Kim Jin Hyeon and CB Seko Ayumu, there was a chance in the 38th minute. Yuta Toyokawa picked up the ball, that the DF failed to clear Yusuke Maruhashi's feed, and shot. It flew to a good course, but the ball hit the post and unfortunately did not reach the goal. This was the only shot Cerezo shot in the first half.

Manager Levir Culpi replaced Yoshito Okubo and Toyokawa with Mutsuki Kato and Toshiyuki Takagi from the beginning of the second half. In the second half of standing upwind, they entered the game to change the flow. However, the second half also started with a pinch. Immediately after the beginning, the right side was broken and a scoring chance was made, but the shot was blocked by GK Kim Jin Hyeon. And then in the 54th minute, the left side was broken and they gave another scoring chance, but Kim Jin Hyeon saved again, and Ryuya Nishio also used his body to block the shots they received in quick succession.

Defending the goal with a hard defense, they counterattacked in the 56th minute. Takagi came out with Maruhashi as one-two and crossed. Riku Matsuda, who picked up the clear ball, shot directly, but was slightly out of the frame. After that, Kato, who entered from the second half, became the starting point, and Takagi showed the driving force to the forward. In the 80th minute, Kato headed to Hiroaki Okuno's cross after connecting the pass, but it was slightly above the crossbar. One point was far. From the middle of the second half, the rain became stronger and the visibility was obstructed. It was a difficult condition for the players, but the defense team did not lose concentration until the end. "I would like to sincerely praise the players who fought to the end in a really difficult condition," said the manager Levir Culpi, who appreciated the player’s hard work after the match.

In the end, the score did not move to the end and the match ended. For Cerezo, it was the first time no points this season and the first draw of this season, and the winning streak stopped at 3, but they would like to connect this 1 winning point, that they got in away under the inferiority, to the future games.