J1 vs Oita Trinita: Match Report

Despite struggling to the solid defense of Oita, Sakamoto's golazo, that was scored just before the end of the game, became the final point and they achieved three consecutive wins.

This section, receiving Oita Trinita to home with the aim of three consecutive wins. In the sixth round of the seven consecutive games, in the tight schedule after a three days interval from the previous section, the manager Levir Culpi sent the same starters to the pitch for four games in a row.

In the 3rd minute from the beginning, Riku Matsuda, who cut the opponent's build-up, quickly fed it to forward, and Yuta Toyokawa shot the first shot. And then in the 4th minute, Toyokawa dropped Hiroshi Kiyotake's pass, and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto shot where the clear of DF came to be incomplete. It was a definitive form, but it was slightly out of the frame. After that, Cerezo held the possession and continued to play in the opposition half. To Oita who blocked with 5 backs in defending, they had a consciousness of "moving the opponent and making a vertical pass when there is a gap" (Hiroaki Okuno), and tried to break through with one touch passes. They made several scenes almost to break through, but did not reach the scoring chances, and finished the first half with no points for the first time this season. On the other hand, about the Oita’s attack, Ayumu Seko and Ryuya Nishio firmly cared for the space behind. They thoroughly managed the risk, and restrained the opponent’s shot with only once in the first half.

The flow of the game did not change in the second half. Cerezo, who pushed in both side backs at a high position, had a big chance in the 53rd minute. When Sakamoto sent a floating ball pass on the front line, it reached Riki Harakawa, who was entering in front of the goal, and Okuno, and the ball was loosed to Okubo, but he was surrounded by DFs and could not shoot. The pass that flowed to the side did not match with Maruhashi who came running, and they missed the chance.

In the 64th minute, the manager Levir Culpi replaced Okubo with Jun Nishikawa. They tried to open the opponent’s defense, but were not able to do it like the first half. The match, which had been showing a patience comparison, greatly moved at the end of the game. The defense team had almost completely suppressed Oita's attack so far, but in the 80th minute, Seigo Kobayashi, who participated from the middle, entered in front of the goal and threw a post-direct-hit shot. It scared Cerezo for a second, but when they surpassed there, they finally moved the game in the 87th minute.

When the ball was connected from behind to Sakamoto, Sakamoto left two opponents through with the feint that he is good at and crossed. Kiyotake picked up the cleared ball and sent in a fluffy cross, then it was again bounced off by the DF, but Sakamoto shot the loose ball directly. It was a difficult ball of half-bound, but the shot that he tried to "hold it down and make not floated" (Sakamoto) hit the inside of the post and scored in. Cerezo succeeded in the opener at the last minute with a splendid ballistic shot that GK could not move.

Also in the additional time in the second half, Sakamoto, who received a pass from Mutsuki Kato, approached the goal from the chest trap, but it was blocked by the GK there. There were no additional points, and multiple points in a row from the opening stopped in five games, but Cerezo, who made a competitive match, won three consecutive wins and increased the winning points to 12.