J1 vs Yokohama FC: Match Report

In the rainy Mitsuzawa, won a great victory scoring the most 4 points this season! Decorated the first consecutive win in this season.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League Section 4, aiming for the first consecutive win of the season. Cerezo Osaka boarded the away stadium and played against Yokohama FC.

The weather had been concerned from the previous day, and since the rain and wind became stronger, and even it began to thunder just before the match, the start of the match was delayed and the game was kicked off at 16:00, two hours behind. However, it was still raining at that time, and there were puddles all over the pitch. Inevitably, both teams used many long balls and carefully played.

However, among them, Cerezo was more conscious of attacking. In the 11th minute, Yuta Toyokawa got his first chance from the throw-in, and also there was another scoring chance in the 19th minute. Yusuke Maruhashi fed to Yoshito Okubo, Okubo held it and developed to Riku Matsuda, and Toyokawa headed to Riku Matsuda's cross, but it did not become a goal due to GK's good save. Still, in the 25th minute, Cerezo succeeded in the opener in an unexpected way.

Riki Harakawa's cross hit the DF and the trajectory changed, and it was pushed back by the wind in the air, then the opponent GK and DF, who misunderstood the eye measurements, were hit each other. Taking advantage of that situation, Toyokawa poured it into the goal with the back head. Even in defense, Cerezo blocked Yokohama FC’s attacks centering Ayumu Seko, and finished the first half with a one-point lead.

Everyone demonstrated their high skill even in difficult pitch conditions. They carried the game with the advantage in the first half, but in the second half, it progressed at the pace of Yokohama FC, which had changed the players and the positions from the start. To the opponents who set the three midfielders to make there thicker and started picking up the second ball, Cerezo turned to be defensive, and in the 55th minute, they were caught up to the tie. There was an unpleasant atmosphere for a moment, but it was Yoshito Okubo who blew away such dark clouds. In the 60th minute, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto and Riku Matsuda broke the right side, then Okubo jumped into Riku Matsuda's cross at the best timing and shook the net with his head.

After they succeeded in winning with the fifth goal of this season of a reliable uniform number 20, it was a seesaw development. Toyokawa had scoring chances in the 64th minute and 75th minute, but Yokohama FC also made some decisive scenes. Which team was going to score the next one point that influenced the whereabouts of the game? In the nervous development, the score moved in the 87th minute. They connected the ball from Kim Jin Hyeon to Maruhashi, to Kiyotake, and when Kiyotake sent an exquisite through pass to Toshiyuki Takagi, Takagi came out and directly fed to the middle, and Mutsuki Kato received it and shook the net. For Kato, happily this was his first J1 goal. At this game, he immediately showed the one shot that he recovered from the failure of PK in the previous section.

The result of the match was decided by this score, but in the 90 + 5th minute, Cerezo added a point. When the GK punched the Sakamoto's CK, Takagi picked up the ball and made a flashing shot with his right foot. A strong ballistic shot hit the crossbar and was sucked into the goal. In the second half, the rain stopped and the pitch condition recovered. Among them, Cerezo, who kept the stance of attacking to the end, won 4-1. Toyokawa and Takagi's first goal of the season, Kato's first goal of J1, this season's first consecutive win, and this season's first away victory. They decorated a victory with a full of "first".