J1 vs Shimizu S-Pulse: Match Report

The reversal victory with Nishio's first J1 goal and Kiyotake's first goal of this season. Stopped the losing streak with 2 and decorated the home game with the consecutive wins.

In this section, the match against the team of the manager Lotina as the opponent, only victory was required to show determination as a new team and to stop the losing streak. The starters of Cerezo Osaka were the same 11 players as the FC Tokyo match in the previous section. The members were exactly the same, including the bench.
The match started with giving Shimizu a scoring chance in the 2nd minute, and Shimizu scored the opener to find Cerezo’s mistake in exchanging passes in front of their own goal in the 5th minute. Cerezo had an unstable start like having another decisive pinch in the 11th minute, but after Tatsuhiro Sakamoto entered the penalty area and shot the team's first shot in the 17th minute, then they caught up with the tie from CK in the 22nd minute. Yuta Toyokawa deflected Sakamoto's kick in the near side, and Ryuya Nishio, who received it in the center, scored his first J1 goal and made the game back to the start.

From here, the game turned to Cerezo's pace. The tempo of the pass went up, and they made many chances centering Hiroshi Kiyotake. In the 31st minute, Toyokawa made a shot from the counter, and in the 42nd minute, Toyokawa came out to Kiyotake's through pass, but it was one step short. The second goal was not born, but the first half ended with the expectations.

At the beginning of the second half with the tie score, the game started with back and forth, but it was Shimizu that had a first scoring chance. In the 54th minute, from the flow of FK, the middle shot of Yusuke Goto hit the post directly. Cerezo, who felt a chill, also had a scoring chance in the 59th minute. When Sakamoto broke through the situation with his dribbling, Kiyotake reacted to Yusuke Maruhashi's cross, but unfortunately the shot went over the crossbar.

In the 62nd minute, the manager Levir Culpi replaced Toyokawa and Hiroaki Okuno with Mutsuki Kato and Naoyuki Fujita. They were controlling the game as time passed, and in the 75th minute, Yoshito Okubo, who picked up a loose ball from Kato's press, entered the penalty area. He brought it to the close form of scoring chance, but the shot was blocked by the DF. Also in the 78th minute, Sakamoto shot where Kato dropped Okubo's pass. When there was another goal atmosphere with a series of chances, in the 84th minute, Cerezo succeeded in reversing.

After connecting from their own field with good tempo, it was Kiyotake who finally reacted to Sakamoto's left foot cross on the far side. While Okubo attracted the DF inside, Kiyotake became free outside and threw a beautiful volley shot and shook the net. With the long-awaited first goal of a uniform number 10 in this season, the players bursted their smiles, and the stadium was filled with joy. Immediately after in the 88th minute, Shimizu hit a decisive shot, but Kim Jin Hyeon did not allow a tie goal with a super save just as he recovered the honor in the previous section.

In the additional time in the second half, Kato's shot hit the opponent's DF and got a PK. However, Kato's kick was blocked by the GK, and it did not become his J1 first goal. Still, the match ended with 2-1. Cerezo won a come-from-behind victory and won their second victory of the season. As closing, in the member announcement before the start of the game, a manager Lotina and Eiichi Katayama received a big applause from Cerezo supporters, and after the match, a manager Lotina, a coach Ivan Palanco and Katayama greeted Cerezo supporters. The whole stadium was surrounded by a heartwarming mood. We would like to look forward to the next match at Shimizu's home from now on.