J1 vs F.C. Tokyo: Match Report

Despite Okubo's goal in the opening three consecutive games and Harakawa's first goal after his transfer, the regrettable reversal defeat with three lost goals.

Two days interval from the Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 the Sec 11, a match against Kawasaki Frontale, which was held ahead of schedule by participating in the AFC Champions League. Cerezo Osaka got into FC Tokyo's home and challenged J1 Sec 2. The starters were the same 11 players as the opening round. Yuta Toyokawa and Hiroaki Okuno, who missed the match against Kawasaki, also returned, and Yoshito Okubo played from the beginning for three consecutive games.

At the beginning, there was a time that FC Tokyo held the possession, but Cerezo Osaka succeeded in the opener to take the first opportunity. It was Okubo, a uniform number of 20, again. To the pass of Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, he took the behind of the defender with an exquisite movement and shook the net with his heading.

Cerezo came to be able to relax by taking the lead and then had another scoring chance in the 29th minute. Connected with Yusuke Maruhashi, Okubo, Hiroshi Kiyotake, and Riki Harakawa, and finally Okuno threw a middle shot to the loose ball from Riku Matsuda's cross. It flew to a critical course, but was blocked by the GK. Cerezo did not give FC Tokyo the scoring chances even if they were defensive, and finished the first half without any risks.

Cerezo wanted to carry the game with the advantage in the second half, but FC Tokyo put on the switch. Masato Morishige, who entered as the anchor from the second half, made the starting point, and they got pinches from crosses again and again, then in the 54th minute they allowed a tie goal in an unexpected way. When Kim Jin Hyeon made a mistake in processing Ryuya Nishio's back pass, Kyosuke Tagawa ran up and directly pushed it into the goal. Even so, they kept on playing without disappointment, they succeeded in winning again immediately afterwards. When Matsuda, Kiyotake, and Sakamoto broke the right side, to the negative turn of Okubo who ran into a deep position, Harakawa shot directly after Kiyotake's through. It pierced the goal brilliantly from the flowing development.

Cerezo got a lead again with Harakawa’s first goal after his transfer, but in the 71st minute, Leandro scored a FK directly, and they were caught up to the tie again. After that, it was a battle of offense and defense back and forth and it was not strange if either of the teams scored the third goal. In the decisive scene of FC Tokyo in the 83rd minute, Nishio blocked Leandro's shot with his face in front of the goal. After blocking with his body, in the 90 + 1st minute, Harakawa, who received Okuno's pass from Toshiyuki Takagi's keep, shot. It seemed to be entered, but was slightly out of the goal frame. Then, in the 90 + 3rd minute, Cerezo disappointedly lost a point. Morishige headed from Leandro's FK, and Cerezo allowed the opponent’s lead for the first time in this match at the last minute. After that, there was no time left for Cerezo to fight back, and the match was over.

There were some bright elements such as Okubo's goal in the opening three consecutive games and Harakawa's first goal after his transfer, but they lost in two games in a row. Issues such as how to carry the game, how to close it, and substitution measures were also highlighted. Even so, as Okubo said, "If we take it positively, it is good that we found the issues in the early stage”, seriously to face and to get over the issues found at Kawasaki match and at this section will be linked to the following matches.