J1 vs Sagan Tosu: Match Report

Despite catching up to the tie with Toyokawa’s goal and attacking hard, defeated for losing point at the end of the game. The possibility of second place disappeared.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 33rd section against Sagan Tosu, which was the final match of the home. For Cerezo Osaka, Bruno Mendes and Yasuki Kimoto, who were injured in the previous section, were out from the members, and Yuta Toyokawa and Yusuke Maruhashi were the starters. For the bench, Yoichiro Kakitani entered for the first time in three games and Koji Suzuki did for the first time in eight games.

Cerezo was the first to have the opportunity. In 3rd minutes, Eiichi Katayama received a cross from Maruhashi, who was joining the offensive, on the opposite side as free but was not able to shoot. In 12th minutes, they connected with Katayama and Hiroshi Kiyotake and had a chance, but in the end the position was overlapped between Tatsuhiro Sakamoto and Toyokawa and they did not bring it to the shot. Although Cerezo was dominantly carrying the game, in 21st minutes, Tosu made a shot directly from the FK and scored the opener.

After that, Tosu took the initiative for a while, but Cerezo carried the game without giving any additional points, then they made chances in quick succession from 35th minutes onwards. In 42nd minutes, when Riku Matsuda and Kiyotake broke the right side, Katayama shot at the end. 2 minutes later, Sakamoto received the feed from Ayumu Seko and passed to Kiyotake. Kiyotake, who dribbled from the left side to the inside, attracted the opponent's DF and sent a negative pass, Toyokawa throw a splendid shot from one trap, and Cerezo caught up to the tie.

From the beginning of the second half, Cerezo changed the system to [4-4-2] by putting Kakitani in, but there was an accident that Toyokawa got injured and replaced soon after the start. However, Toshiyuki Takagi who entered instead also worked. Repeatedly they approached the Tosu’s goal. In 54th minutes, Kiyotake made a critical shot from one-two with Kakitani, and in 64th minutes, Sakamoto, who came out to Katayama's pass, brought 1-on-1 with the GK, but there was no angle, and the shot flew out of the frame. With 10 minutes remaining, Cerezo's gear went up further, and they got a scoring chance in 89th minutes. Kakitani trapped the cross from Takagi from the left side and sent a pass behind the DF, and Koji Suzuki, who entered just before as the substitution, shot from the one trap, but it was slightly out of the frame and was not able to score.

After missing this big chance, in the additional time of the second half, the pass was cut off when they were about to enter the opposition half, and they received the counterattack. Tiago Alves, who entered as the substitution in 88th minutes, scored, so they let Tosu win. In the second half, Cerezo defended Tosu's attack well, but when they repeatedly missed chances, they unexpectedly lost the point in the last minutes. The match ended 1-2 as it was, and the possibility of second place to participate in the Emperor's Cup disappeared. In the next section, they get into the Kashima Antlers home aiming for the 3rd place that is in the ACL participation range.