J1 vs Kashiwa Reysol: Match Report

Despite proceeding the game predominately with a solid response on defensive side, 1 point was far and they finished as the scoreless draw.

This section to aim for 4 consecutive wins. Cerezo Osaka started the game with the same 11 starters as the previous match that they won 3-1 against Consadole Sapporo. They received Kashiwa Raysol at home.

As the managers of both teams looked back after the match, “It was a competitive match," it became a mirror game between [] and developed firmly from the beginning without losing balance with each other. In defense, Cerezo tried to launch the attack by holding the ball while thoroughly managing the risks against Olunga, Ataru Esaka, and Cristiano. The first scoring chance came to Kashiwa. In 14th minutes, Olunga came out from the counter attack, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon jumped out and hit the shot against his body to block it. Yasuki Kimoto cleared the loose ball and nothing was happened. In 33rd minutes, Cerezo also made a chance, such as Tatsuhiro Sakamoto breaking through with a dribble and shooting a shot, but they did not reach the decisive chance and finished the first half.

In the second half, an accident occurred soon after the beginning. Kimoto jumped to Kiyotake's FK and collided with Kashiwa’s GK Kim Seung Gyu. After that, Kimoto stood up, but since the part he hit was his head, he was substituted just in case. Here, Manager Lotina put in Yusuke Maruhashi and placed him in the left wingback. Eiichi Katayama was moved to the corner of the 3-back where Kimoto was, and the formation was not changed significantly. Immediately after, Cerezo made chances in quick succession. In 54th minutes, Kiyotake dribbled and shot, and in 59th minutes Hiroaki Okuno entered the penalty area and shot. They brought them to the finish in good way, but were not able to score.

In 60th minutes, Yuta Toyokawa replaced Bruno Mendes on the pitch, and then Cerezo clarified the objective to steal 1 goal. In 73rd minutes, Toyokawa got a scoring chance squeezing the loose ball that Katayama's shot hit the DF, but the shot was unfortunately blocked by the GK. Also in 89th minutes, Kiyotake turned back Katayama's cross and Toyokawa had a chance, but he did not finish due to the offside. It became the development that 1 point was far, but they did not let Kashiwa make a chance with a solid response on defensive side. They always kept a mark on Olunga and kept him blocked. In the second half, Cerezo controlled the game and approached the goal many times, but they are not able to break the defense of Kashiwa led by Tatsuya Yamashita, who once played as a cherry blossom warrior, and ended up with a scoreless draw.

Since they proceeded the game predominately in the second half, they wanted to win in this section, but by getting one point, they succeeded in reducing the difference in points with Gamba Osaka to three. There is still the possibility of being in third place on their own. Tatsuhiro Sakamoto said, "We will do our best to get three points as much as possible“ in the remaining 2 games. The next section against Sagan Tosu as last home game, and the final match of this season against Kashima Antlers at away. In the last 2 games, they throw the culmination of "Lotina Cerezo".