J1 vs Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo: Match Report

3 points with the solid defense and the offense that took the opponent’s behind. Won the away game and achieved 3 consecutive wins.

This section that they got into the home of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo. Cerezo Osaka, who aimed for 3 consecutive wins to pursue the top ranks, changed 1 starter from the previous section. Ayumu Seko was sent in place of Yusuke Maruhashi, and they clearly started with a 3-back line.

At the beginning, the development that Cerezo was pushed in by Sapporo lasted for a while. In 3rd minutes, Jay headed to the cross from the right. It flew to a critical course, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon did not allow the goal with the big save in this section as well. After that also, Cerezo continued to defend in own half but endured without losing points with no rush, saying "We could play without any problems mentally" (Yasuki Kimoto). After the water break, when Riku Matsuda started to take higher position, they gradually passed through the high press of Sapporo and began to enter the opposition half.

In 32nd minutes, Bruno Mendes headed to Tatsuhiro Sakamoto's cross and threatened the goal, and in 34th minutes, Sakamoto picked up a loose ball in front of the goal and threw a middle shot. In 35th minute, Bruno Mendes received Sakamoto's pass and shot. When the scent of the goal began to smell in 40th minutes, they succeeded in the opener. Hiroaki Okuno cut the opponent's pass at a high position, and Hiroshi Kiyotake quickly provided it vertically. When Sakamoto fell and fed a pass to Matsuda, Matsuda crossed exactly as he aimed at, and Bruno Mendes met it with his head and shook the net.

Cerezo, who gained an advantage with the goal of 2 consecutive games of uniform number 20 who had got in shape, continued to attack the back of the opponent in the second half. In 53rd minutes, when Matsuda came out from behind and was about to become 1-on-1 with the GK, he was blocked by the returning DF and was not able to bring it to the shot, but they got an additional point in 54th minutes. When Naoyuki Fujita sent an exquisite pass to Kiyotake who ran behind and became free, Kiyotake made a beautiful shot from one trap and widened the lead. Cerezo had another scoring chance in 60th minutes. From the flow of the throw-in, Bruno Mendes entered the side space and shot. However, it was covered by the GK’s good save, and the loose ball was cleared by the DF at the last minute.

Cerezo was carrying the game in a good flow, but in 65th minutes, they were hit by a momentary gap and were scored a goal. Sapporo deployed from the left side to the right side, and Cerezo was shaken left and right, then Jay responded to the cross from the right side in the middle and returned 1 point. Right after this, they had another pinch, but Matsuda returned and blocked the shot, so nothing was happened. In 76th minutes, Manager Lotina put in Yuta Toyokawa and Yusuke Maruhashi at the same time to change the flow. Then, 4 minutes later, Toyokawa, who reacted to Kimoto’s kick and took the behind of the opponent, left through DF and fed the last pass to the middle. Bruno Mendes pushed it in and Cerezo got the 2 points lead again.

After becoming 3-1, they could carry the game with relax, and closed the game without letting Sapporo make a chance. The defense that endured the offensive time of Sapporo, the offense that mass-produced opportunities by avoiding the opponent's press. "We could do what we had prepared." (Bruno Mendes) Cerezo, who showed their fulfilling content, won a great victory at away game and achieved 3 consecutive wins.