J1 vs Yokohama FC: Match Report

Regained the solid defense and achieved the consecutive wins of 1-0 in 2 games. Closed the points gap with the tops.

Cerezo Osaka won the first victory in five games against Oita Trinita in the previous section. This section, Yokohama FC match, that they returned to the home and aimed for the consecutive wins. The starters are the same 11 players as in the previous section. They challenged to bring the confidence and the result that they got from the previous game.

At the beginning, Cerezo received shots in quick succession, but kept more possession without rushing and recovered, then in 12th minutes, starting from Yasuki Kimoto, Hiroshi Kiyotake got a chance from Tatsuhiro Sakamoto’s pass. Also, in 13th minutes, with Kimoto’s starting point, Eiichi Katayama made a shot from Kiyotake's pass and approached the goal. "Both teams value the positions in ball possession, each other. Since we are the teams with similar ideas, moving the ball in the player's position in a similar style, it was the competed development in the first half.” As Naoyuki Fujita looked back after the match, the first half was a development in which each other took the initiative.

The only scoring chance for both teams came to Yokohama FC in 28th minutes. The FK kicked by Kohei Tezuka hit Kazunari Ichimi in front of the goal and flew to a critical course, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon reached out hard to stop it. Continuing from the previous section, the guardian deity of Sakura who showed a big save saved the team.

In the second half, Cerezo raised the gear. By increasing the pass speed of the attack and increasing the strength of the defense to steal from the front, they got set plays in quick succession. In 50th minutes, Yusuke Maruhashi's direct FK hit the wall, and they picked up the second ball and launched a second attack. From Riku Matsuda’s cross, finally Matej Jonic headed Kimoto's returned pass. After making a chance, in 52nd minutes, they got a clearer scoring chance. Bruno Mendes headed to Kiyotake's FK, but it was blocked by the opponent's GK.

Right after, Manager Lotina sent Yuta Toyokawa in as the first substitution card. After clarifying his stance to steal one point, they finally succeeded in moving the game in 61st minutes. From the short corner, it was Bruno Mendes who matched the sharp cross that Katayama fed with his right foot. Cerezo succeeded in the opener with the 7th point of the uniform number 20 in this season.

From there, while aiming for the second point, they firmly solidified the back and shifted to an running away posture. In 77th minutes, when Ayumu Seko entered the pitch in place of Bruno Mendes, they played more clearly with 5 backs. At the end of the game the time that the opponents held the possession lasted, but they allowed Yokohama to throw only 2 shots. All players who stood on the pitch completed their role and achieved clean sheet in 2 consecutive games. After no wins in 4 games, they have won 1-0 in a row. In this section, Gamba Osaka in 2nd place and Nagoya Grampus in 3rd place both drew, so they succeeded in closing the points difference with the top teams. Now, they are going to challenge the decisive battles in December.