J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Match Report

Modified and kept on attacking the opponent of 10 players in the second half, but 1 point was far, and it was a too regrettable defeat.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 28th section with Sanfrecce Hiroshima at home. Cerezo Osaka had changed 3 starters from the previous section. Ayumu Seko was in the CB, Eiichi Katayama was in the left SB, and Ken Tokura was in the one of 2-top. For Tokura, it was the first time to play in 11 games.

At the beginning, Cerezo got the opportunities of set play in quick succession. In 2nd minutes, Tokura headed to Hiroshi Kiyotake's CK but it went over the crossbar. In 10th minutes, Yuta Toyokawa aimed at the goal directly from FK, but it hit the wall. Then, the game gradually moved to the pace of Hiroshima. When the pass course of Cerezo was limited to the high strengthen press of Hiroshima, Cerezo was not able to make the starting point of offense due to intensely being pressed for the pass recipient as well. While they were not able to move the ball forward and make a chance, they lost a point in 24th minutes. When Seko cleared the cross from the left side with his head and the ball was held by Leandro Pereira, he made a shot and scored. After that, the game was dominated by Hiroshima. They could not find a clue to break through, and finished the first half with 0-1.

In the second half, Manager Lotina replaced Riku Matsuda and Tokura with Yusuke Maruhashi and Jun Nishikawa. The system was also changed to [3-4-2-1], and a counterattack was launched. After clarifying the matchup and stabilizing the defense, Cerezo started to have more ball possession rather than the opponent and took the initiative, unlike the first half. In 58th minutes, Bruno Mendes and Hiroaki Okuno were sent in to make the team even more aggressive, and in 59th minutes Kiyotake left the opponent through and approached the goal with a splendid personal skill in the penalty area but was approached by the GK, and was not able to shot. After that, Cerezo’s showed the surging attack with shaking left to right to break the opponent’s defense. In 74th minutes, Bruno Mendes crushed to Maruhashi's cross in the middle, and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto picked up the loose ball and directly made a shot, but unfortunately it hit to the crossbar and did not become a goal.

After becoming 10 players, time had passed without being able to break through the defense of Hiroshima that was pulled and defended by [5-3-1]. At the end of the game, Toshiyuki Takagi, who was sent as a trump card, activated the attack. He approached the goal repeatedly with the dribble that he is good at, and in 85th minutes he cut in from the left side and made a cross shot, but this was also hit by the crossbar and did not reach the goal. In the additional time of the second half, Bruno Mendes headed from Kiyotake's cross. It flew to a good course, but it was blocked by the GK and the game was over. In the second half, Cerezo attacked to the end without giving Hiroshima a chance, but the one point that they lost in the first half weighed heavily on them, and they had a too regrettable defeat.