J1 vs Shimizu S-Pulse: Match Report

Despite dominating the possession, the goal was far, and defeated 1-3. Could not bring the victory in front of the supporters.

Under the clear blue sky, Cerezo Osaka challenged an away game against Shimizu S-Pulse aiming for the first victory in three games. The starters were the same 11 players as the Osaka derby in the previous section. It was the first time that supporters came to support to the away stadium in this season.

Cerezo attacked by holding the ball from the beginning. Although they received the counter attack by being robbed the ball in the middle field several times, they carried the game taking the initiative, and played more in the opponent’s field after the water break and pushed in picking up the second ball. In 28th minutes, Yuta Toyokawa, who came out to Leandro Desabato's pass, was hit by the GK in the penalty area and was fallen, but the whistle was not blown. After that, Cerezo continuously attacked with their opponents kept in their own field, but they were not able to break the tenacious defense of opponents and to bring in a decisive shot. On the other hand, there was a pinch just before the end of the first half, but they endured it, and finished the first half 0-0, while advancing the match.

In the second half, Cerezo turned passively in front of Shimizu's aggressive stance, which had replaced the two players from the beginning, and then lost a point in 49th minutes. When the ball was stolen by the opponent from their own throw-in and the center was broken, the cooperation between CB and GK did not match at the end, and Renato Augusto, who entered from the position of Volante, scored a goal. Cerezo was overwhelmed by the momentum of Shimizu, and let the opponents make scoring chances in a quick succession from there, but barely did not allow the second goal due to the good save of GK Kim Jin Hyeon.

In 58th minutes, Manager Lotina changed two players at the same time. He sent Bruno Mendes and Yoichiro Kakitani, and placed Okuno down to Volante. At this time, Shimizu was also forced to change their left side back due to an accident. Then, Cerezo gradually started to attack back from this point and created chances making an advantage mainly on the right side. In 65th minutes, Sakamoto was free to react Riku Matsuda's cross, but the header did not catch the frame. Still, two minutes later, Sakamoto became the starting point in this time, and when he left the fronted DF through with the feint that he is good at and fed an exquisite cross to the far side, Hiroshi Kiyotake who jumped in pushed in with his heading and Cerezo caught up with the tie.

Cerezo was still on offensive, and in 79th minutes, Bruno Mendes got a scoring chance from Matsuda's cross but was not able to finish the header. After losing this opportunity, the center was broken again in 86th minutes, and they lost the painful second point. After that, they continued to attack until the end, aiming for a tie, but in 90 + 4th minutes, the back space that was occurred due to attacking forward was found and they gave Shimizu a decisive third point, and all was over. Cerezo had a long time to take the initiative throughout the first and second half, but they were not able to connect to the goal and finished with the regrettable defeat. They could not bring the victory in front of the supporters who came to cheer up to the away stadium for the first time this season, and now they have no wins in 3 consecutive games.