J1 vs Urawa Reds: Match Report

Despite getting the opener with Toyokawa’s goal in 2 consecutive games, a reversal defeat with 3 lost points. A winning streak stopped at 2.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League the 24th section. Cerezo Osaka got into the away stadium and challenged a battle with Urawa Reds. Yuta Toyokawa, who entered the pitch from the midway and scored two goals in the previous section against Yokohama FM, was a starter for the second time in this season, and the other 10 starters were the same members as in the previous section.

Cerezo took the possession from the begging of the game and thoroughly aimed at the behind of the opponents also using GK Kim Jin Hyeon when Urawa came for stealing the ball from the front. In 22nd minutes, Toyokawa, who came out to the Leandro Desabato’s pass, had a chance to become almost 1-on-1 with the GK. In this scene, Toyokawa's shot from the point with no angle was blocked by the GK, but in 28th minutes Toyokawa came out again and succeeded in the opener. When Yasuki Kimoto, who started as Volante following the previous section, bounced off Urawa's goal kick, Toyokawa responded to the second ball, took the back of one of the CBs, Takuya Iwanami, and also won to the another CB Tomoaki Makino who came for covering, then made a shot through the near side of GK.

It seemed that they were going to dominate the game with a goal in 2 consecutive games of Toyokawa, who responded to play as a starter, but in 34th minutes they lost the point in the unexpected way. When the opponent got the pass, that was reaching in front of Eiichi Katayama in the build-up, Cerezo received the short counter and at the end Seko Ayumu’s foot trapped Koya Yuruki’s breaking through, and this gave a PK to Urawa. It was scored by Shinzo Koroki and they were caught up with the tie. Moreover in 44th minutes, when they cleared the cross, Urawa picked it up and Ryosuke Yamanaka hit a middle shot, and it hit Seko's foot and was sucked into the goal. Unfortunately, they allowed Urawa the reversal.

In the second half that they started regaining their mind, Cerezo overwhelmingly took the possession. They connected from the back and aimed for the gaps of the opponents, but gave several chances to Urawa due to the mistakes in passing. In 65th minutes, Bruno Mendes was sent in place of Hiroaki Okuno, and in 68th minutes, they broke the right side and Toyokawa, who were coming to the corner of penalty area, made a shot but it hit the side net. In 69th minutes, Bruno Mendes headed to Katayama's cross again, but was unable to score for the GK's good save.

While they were struggling to break the defense of Urawa, in 71st minutes, their momentary gap was found, and they lost another point. When Yuruki dribbled through the side from the opponent's throw-in at a deep position of their own field and provided the cross, Kim Jin Hyeon once blocked Leonardo's shot, but Martinus approached the bounce and marked a third goal. Immediately after, Cerezo counter attacked sending Jun Nishikawa, Toshiyuki Takagi, and Yuta Koike into the pitch at the same time, but as they were trying to attack with changing the balance of the defense, the space made behind them was used and they received the counter. They barely prevented the 4th point but were not able to score 2nd goal, which was a pursuit bullet, and the match ended 1-3.

Although Cerezo auspiciously scored the opener, they were not able to control the game after that, and suffered three lost goals due to mistakes. It was a reversal defeat for the second time in this season, and the winning streak stopped at 2.