J1 vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Match Report

Overwhelmed the league champion of last season with offense and defense. Achieved 2 consecutive wins at home with 2 points for each of Okuno and Toyokawa.

2 days interval from the previous section. Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League the 23rd section which was a series of home games. Cerezo Osaka received the last season's league champion Yokohama F. Marinos for a streak of victory. The starter had changed by one player from the previous section. Naoyuki Fujita went off and Ayumu Seko entered, and Yasuki Kimoto, who played as a starter of CB in the last game, moved up to Volante.

At the beginning, Yokohama was holding the ball and pushing in for a while, but in 10th minutes, Cerezo took advantage of their first chance and succeeded in the opener. From the flow of the throw-in, Hiroshi Kiyotake provided to Eiichi Katayama on the right side, and Katayama passed to Tatsuhiro Sakamoto. When he made a 1-on-1 situation with the opponent SB, Sakamoto switched from a sharp turn to his left foot and crossed. Hiroaki Okuno shook the net with a heading.

From there, Cerezo controlled the game. Although letting Yokohama FM take the possession, Cerezo approached the goal taking the behind and the side space of the opponents. In 20th minutes, they had another chance from the breakthrough of Sakamoto. They were carrying the game in good way, but at the end of the first half, they had pinches in quick succession. In 39th minutes, Marcos Junior's shot was touched by GK Kim Jin Hyeon and it hit the post. When the guardian deity saved the team with a big save, the net was shaken from the short counter in 44th minutes, but it was no goal for the offside. The first half finished with a one-point lead for Cerezo.

In the second half as well, Yokohama FM was on the offensive from the beginning, but Cerezo handled it with no panic. They surpassed without giving the opponents a scoring chance, and moved on to attack and made a chance starting from Kiyotake and Sakamoto on both sides. Then, an additional point in 67th minutes. They made a starting point on the left side, and Kiyotake fed to Katayama on the opposite side. Then, this time Kiyotake, who was running to deep position on the left side, returned to Katayama’s pass with his heading, and Okuno received it on the far side and scored with his left foot from the narrow course with no angle.

After this, to Yokohama FM who started to counterattack for changing 3 players at the same time, Cerezo marked the 3rd goal in 71st minutes. Yuta Toyokawa, who entered the pitch with Fujita in 66th minutes, scored a super goal. When he trapped Katayama's pass with his right foot, the next moment, he immediately made a long shot. The stadium was filled with joy as he scored a vivid loop shot over the head of the GK who was moving forward. Cerezo, who never stopped, made the 4th point in 80th minutes. Toyokawa, who came out to Okuno's pass, brought it in well and made a 1-on-1 situation with the GK, and shot through the goal with an accurate shot.

Even after this, Cerezo did not let go of the attack until the end, with Jun Nishikawa and Toshiyuki Takagi, who entered for the substitution and had the scoring chances. In the additional time of the second half, Kota Mizunuma, who had been active in cherry blossom uniforms for three years until last season, payed back one point, but they won 4-1 with a solid match against the league champion of the last season. They achieved the consecutive wins at home following the game against Shonan, and moved up to 2nd place provisionally at the end of the match.