J1 vs Shonan Bellmare: Match Report

Stopped the losing streak at 2 with Matej Jonic's dramatic goal. Achieved 150 J1 home wins in total.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League the 22nd section with Shonan Bellmare at home. Cerezo Osaka changed three starters from the previous section. In place of Riku Matsuda, who had left for the injury, Eiichi Katayama, who had played in the left side back as a starter in the last three games, moved to the right side back, and Yusuke Maruhashi, who was the first starter in four league games, entered the left side back. In addition, Yasuki Kimoto played the first starter as the CB since the 6th section against Vissel Kobe, and Hiroaki Okuno returned to the one of 2-top for the first time in two games.

At the beginning, Cerezo had the possession, simply aimed at taking behind of the opponent, and approached the goal. In 15th minutes, Bruno Mendes came out to Hiroshi Kiyotake's pass and was about to have a chance, but was not able to bring it to a shot. In 35th minutes, Bruno Mendes reacted to Maruhashi's CK as free, but it was not able to catch the frame there. In the additional time of the first half, Maruhashi's direct FK attacked the Shonan’s goal, but slightly went over the crossbar. As the manager Lotina looked back after the match "We were able to hold the ball and move it, but it was difficult to make a chance because the opponent's defensive organization was solid", Cerezo did not have the dangerous scenes on defensive side in the first half, but was not able to make a scoring chance on offensive side.

At the beginning of the second half with the scoreless, Shonan broke the Cerezo’s right side and made a shot from a close distance by Takuya Okamoto, who came out, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon touched it with his hand and it hit the crossbar. It was a chilling scene, but after protected by the guardian deity's save, Cerezo had the time to attack for a while taking the possession.

Yuta Toyokawa in 63rd minutes and Jun Nishikawa in 73rd minutes joined as the substitution, and they activated the attack further. In 75th minutes, they had almost the scoring chance that these two got involved, but were not able to shoot. In 80th minutes, after Toshiyuki Takagi entered the pitch as the third replacement card, in 87th minutes, he picked up a loose ball from Kiyotake's cross and aimed for a shot, but it went over the crossbar. Although Cerezo carried the ball to the opponent’s field, they were not able to break the defense of Shonan, but at the end of the game, they kept pushing and when they got CK in a row, they finally moved the score in 90th + 2nd minutes. Matej Jonic headed to Maruhashi's CK and shook the net, and succeeded in scoring the goal at the last minute.

The game ended 1-0 as it was. Cerezo stopped the losing streak with 2 for the dramatic final goal in the time in the second half, which payed back the debt of the previous section, and reached the milestone of 150th win of J1 home game in total.