J1 vs Nagoya Grampus: Match Report

In the competitive development, a painful lost point in the additional time of the second half. Unable to bring back the winning points.

Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League the 21st section. Cerezo Osaka got into the away ground and challenged a battle with Nagoya Grampus. The starter had changed by one player from the previous section. Hiroaki Okuno was out and Yoichiro Kakitani entered the one of 2-top.

At the beginning, there was a time that Nagoya was holding the ball for a while but Cerezo gradually exceeded possession rate, took their own pace, and then had a scoring chance in 12th minutes. Kakitani, who came out to Eiichi Katayama's through pass after receiving Hiroshi Kiyotake's pass, became 1-on-1 with the GK, but since the GK quickly approached and blocked the shot, it did not become the score. After that, Cerezo continued to attack by connecting passes centered on Kiyotake and Kakitani, but did not reach a shot.

Then, in 35th minutes, they gave a scoring chance to Nagoya from a mistake in the build-up, but this time GK Kim Jin Hyeon made a good save and did not allow the goal. The defensive organizations did not collapse from each other, and with a tight development, the first half finished 0-0.

The second half that they wanted to connect the good flow to the shot and score. In 56th minutes, Bruno Mendes headed to Kiyotake's cross and approached the goal. And in 58th minutes, Kiyotake and Kakitani made a one-two entry to make a chance, but Bruno Mendes was not able to shoot at the end. As in the first half, Cerezo was carrying the game with a not-bad rhythm, but after 58th minutes when Hiroyuki Abe and Gabriel Xavier entered the pitch at the same time, the flow of the game gradually began to lean toward Nagoya.

From the middle to the end of the game, Cerezo continued to be pushed in, but at the Nagoya’s finishing scenes, they continued to defend tightly pressing firmly against their opponent. However, in the additional time of 90th + 1st minutes in the second half, when it was almost becoming the clean sheet game for the first time in five league matches, Bruno Mendes, who was having the ball in front of their goal, lost the ball, and Mateus broke the center from this flow and scored at the end. For Cerezo it was a painful lost point and the final point.

At the match right after the losing in a direct confrontation with the leader, Kawasaki Frontale, Cerezo wanted to win in order to go forward. However, while they were struggling to make chances on offensive as they expected, they made an error on defensive at the end, and were not able to pile up the winning. They swear a rally for the next week, which will be a series of home games.