J1 vs FC Tokyo: Match Report

Defeated in a high-ranking confrontation with F.C. Tokyo, and the first consecutive defeats of the season.

This section was a start of the latter half of the league. Cerezo Osaka challenged the Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 18th section against F.C. Tokyo in the away field. It was worried about the impact of the approaching typhoon, but it did not directly hit because the course swerved slightly to the east. Even so, it started to rain about 30 minutes before the match, and there were times when the wind and rain became strong during the match, but it did not have a significant impact on the game.

Both teams have a good reputation for the firmness of the defense that once they set. In the first half, the match progressed while both teams observed each other. Although Cerezo held the ball, they were not able to reach shooting as they wanted in front of F.C. Tokyo who filled the space. Still, when they found a slight gap and asked for a chance, Bruno Mendes dropped Yusuke Maruhashi's pass with his head in 18th minutes, and Hiroshi Kiyotake entered vertically with an exquisite trap. However, they could not shoot due to the blocking of the opponent DF. In 22nd minutes, when Tatsuhiro Sakamoto got a FK and Maruhashi put in a sharp cross, it was sucked into the goal without anyone touching it, but it was blocked by the GK.

In the first half, Cerezo could not make a scoring chance, but they did not give the opponent a chance. They reduced the number of scenes of opponent’s counterattack, which is F.C. Tokyo's greatest weapon, and they calmly carried the game throughout. Once in 40th minutes, they were entered a deep position, but the last shot was out of the frame and got nothing.

After the first half, which was not bad for Cerezo, although it was fifty-fifty development, they increased the time to attack the opponent's field in the second half. In 54th and 57th minutes, Sakamoto received in a small space and made chances in quick succession, and in 59th minutes, the first scoring chance came for both of teams. Maruhashi's shot from Riku Matsuda's breakthrough was blocked by the DF, and Okuno responded to the loose ball and shot it. It seemed to score but it hit the post, and Maruhashi made another strong shot to the bounced ball but it flew in front of the GK.

Right after in 63rd minutes, Cerezo, who missed a great chance, was not able to steal the ball on defense side to the throw-in of F.C. Tokyo in the opponent’s field, and they let the opponents launch the counterattack that they were wary. The DF chased hard but could not catch up with, and finally Diego Oliveira dribbled and scored.

Cerezo Osaka, who missed the first chance, and F.C. Tokyo, who got it. Once the outcome was decided for each, F.C. Tokyo started to take the initiative of the match from here. 3 minutes after losing the point. This time, from the loose ball of the set play, Adailton pushed the second goal into the net. In this scene, Adaílton seemed to be in an offside position, and Cerezo protested, including the bench, but the judgement was not overturned.

In 73rd minutes, three players were replaced at the same time, and Cerezo counterattacked. In 84th minutes, they connected from Matsuda, Toshiyuki Takagi, and Koji Suzuki with a scoring chance, but Suzuki’s shot did not meet. In 88th minutes, Yoichiro Kakitani's FK hit the opponent's hand, but the whistle did not blow. Continuing from the previous section, Cerezo was unlucky in the judgement of referee, but the match ended 0-2. At the end of the 9 consecutive games in the crucial moment, they suffered the first consecutive defeat of the season.