J1 vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Match Report

Reversal win with Kiyotake’s artistic bullet and Takagi’s first goal of the league match. Defeated the last season’s champion and achieved 5 consecutive wins.

3 days interval from the previous section. Cerezo Osaka got into the enemy's territory and challenged last season's league champion, Yokohama F. Marinos. In 3rd minutes, Yasuki Kimoto headed to Hiroshi Kiyotake’s FK to make a chance, but it was blocked by GK, and then in 4th minutes their left side was broken, and they had a pinch. Erik's shot to meet the cross was covered by GK Kim Jin Hyeon with his body and hit the crossbar. The bounced ball was pushed in by the heading, but this time Eiichi Katayama cleared on the line.

Although they managed not to lose the point, Cerezo was trapped in their own field in the first half by the press from the front line of Yokohama. Although they tried to connect the ball that they stole, they were not able to carry it forward as they wanted, and lost it and received the second attacks. In 25th minutes, from where Riku Matsuda's pass was cut, and in 29th minutes, from where Kiyotake carried it forward dribbling, they received the shot by Erik for both of cases, but the former hit the crossbar and the latter was blocked by Ayumu Seko with his body. After getting things done, they were attacked by the opponent's thick attack, but their solid defense of pride was not broken, and they succeeded in finishing the first half without losing any goals.

In the second half, the momentum of the opponent's press weakened, and Cerezo increased the possession rate. In 52nd minutes, they were swung left to right and suffered a goal from the cross on the left side, but in 55th minutes, Hiroaki Okuno, who received a pass from Leandro Desabato, dribbled in and shot. In 57th minutes, Ken Tokura attacked the goal with high-hitting-point heading to Kiyotake's FK. When the scent of scoring began to drift, a tie goal was scored in 58th minutes. They connected from Seko to Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, Tokura, Matsuda, Sakamoto, and Kiyotake who received Sakamoto’s pass made a controlled shot with his right foot. He shook the goal net with an artistic loop shot carefully watching the position of the opponent’s GK, and Cerezo got revitalized.

In 65th minutes, the thing to make a big impact on the result of the game happened. From Kiyotake’s exquisite pass, Katayama came out to take the behind of the opponent and was about to be 1 on 1 with GK but the opponent DF trapped him and immediately left the pitch for the red card. Cerezo got a numerical advantage. Right after this, Lotina head coach replaced Kimoto with Toshiyuki Takagi. And he placed Okuno down as Volante. In 77th minutes, Sakamoto deeply entered dribbling and crossed, and Takagi shot. After making almost the scoring chance, it was 86th minutes. Starting from Koji Suzuki's post play, Sakamoto broke through the side again. He cut in with the feint that he is good at and made a cross, Takagi who received as free in this time pushed it into the goal, and Cerezo succeeded in reversing. The stadium got excited with joy.

After that, while aiming for the third point, Cerezo who survived the opponent's attack won 2-1. In this section, after enduring the first half that was pushed in with their solid defense, they regained the rhythm of the attack in the second half, and Kiyotake's Gorazo and Takagi’s first goal of the league match in this season got born. They took the momentum of a come-from-behind victory from last season's league champion and achieved their first 5 consecutive league wins this season.