J1 vs Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo: Match Report

Achieved the first 4 consecutive wins of league match in this season. The one who scored 1000th J1 goal of the team in total was Hiroaki Okuno.

3 days interval from the previous section. Cerezo Osaka challenged the match against Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo aiming for the first 4 consecutive wins of league match in this season. They changed 2 starters from the previous section. Hiroaki Okuno was in a corner of 2-top, and Yusuke Maruhashi came back on the left side back. Shota Fujio, who scored his first J1 goal in the J1 debut match in the previous section, continued to enter the bench.

At the beginning, Cerezo started with defense in front of Sapporo’s attack that widely used the side, but when they endured there, they scored at their first chance in 6th minutes. When Naoyuki Fujita stole the ball where the pass from the left side of Sapporo was misaligned, he fed the direct through pass. Okuno, who was running in, looked at the position of the GK and calmly scored. And for Cerezo, this point became a memorial 1000th J1 goal of the team in total. After scoring, he showed the goal performance with his teammates, and the stadium was full of applause with joy with the happening (?) that the letters of 1000 were upside down.

After that, Sapporo had the possession and Cerezo received the attacks from the side, but as Kim Jin Hyeon said, “We did not feel to be attacked”, there was nothing to be happened the scoring chance. On the other hand, in 38th minutes, Ken Tokura dropped the kick of Kim Jin Hyeon, and Okuno came out and had a chance of one-on-one with GK. However, Okuno's floating shot was out of the frame, and it did not become an additional point. Then, in 40th minutes, they allowed Sapporo to make a scoring chance for the first time in this match, but Kim Jin Hyeon showed a good save. The first half finished with one-point lead for Cerezo.

In the second half, Cerezo continued to be on the defensive at the start, but as in the first half, Cerezo had a chance after enduring this. In 53rd minutes, from the kick of Kim Jin Hyeon again, in this time Okuno held it and passed to Tokura. They could not score with this chance, but in 59th minutes, Cerezo got the additional point. They connected from Kim Jin Hyeon to Maruhashi and Okuno, and Okuno provided the pass to the right side. The combination of Tatsuhiro Sakamoto and Riku Matsuda broke the right side, and Kiyotake shot from Matsuda's cross. This was an exquisite pass to Okuno on the front line, and Okuno headed in to score the second goal of the day.

Cerezo was able to relax with a two-point lead. In 66th minutes, Jay's heading which corresponded to the cross from the left side hit the crossbar, that made them scared, but in 76th minutes, Douglas Oliveira's shot was saved by Kim Jin Hyeon with one right hand. They never gave the flow they grabbed. At the end of the game, Jun Nishikawa and Shota Fujio's rookie combination approached the opponent's goal in quick succession, and a fresh breeze blew in, and Cerezo won the game 2-0 as it was.

After the match, Okuno who scored two goals including a memorial goal excitedly said, "Before the match, we were talking about who would score (1000th goal). In that, I’m so happy to make my name engraved to the team history.” With this, the team achieved the first 4 consecutive wins of league match in this season. They accelerate the momentum and pursue the leader Kawasaki Frontale.