J1 vs Kawasaki Frontale: Match Report

Despite the auspicious opener, the reversal defeat. The painful defeat that the difference of winning point extended to 10 to the leader.

3 days interval from heated J1 10th section against Kashiwa Reysol. Cerezo Osaka, who got into the away stadium again and challenged the leader of the league, Kawasaki Frontale, changed 1 starter from the Kashiwa game. Leandro Desabato, who was in a bad condition, was out, and Toshiyuki Takagi entered as one of two tops, and Hiroaki Okuno played as volante.
As the same as previous section, Cerezo succeeded in the opener in the early hours. In 7th minutes, Yusuke Maruhashi received a pass from Kim Jin Hyeon on the chest, passed two opponents, headed forward, and sent an exquisite through pass between the defenders, and then Bruno Mendes came out to it and directly made a shot. It accurately shook the net, and he scored the goal in three consecutive official games.

In 13th minutes, the pass that Kim Jin Hyeon provided was smoothly connected, and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto received it in the middle and shot at the end. Unfortunately, it was blocked by GK, but the CK that they got here gave them another chance. Matej Jonjić deflected Maruhashi's kick, and Sakamoto got closer to it on the far side, but his shot did not hit.
On the defense side, they were carrying the game at their own rhythm without giving the chance for the opponents but in 21st minutes, the trap that seemed to hit the shoulder of Riku Matsuda was judged as hand and it gave FK. The opponents directly scored on the near side and caught up to tie score. Then in 42nd minutes, Maruhashi pushed Akihiro Ienaga down in the penalty area and gave PK. This was scored by Ienaga, and the first half finished with reversal points.

In the second half, Cerezo was attacked to their own field from the beginning, and in 53rd minutes, lost the point for being cut in the center. The point difference widened to two points. Still, in 58th minutes, they reached 1 point difference again from set play. Seko approached the FK that Maruhashi kicked and pushed it into the goal on the far side. Just before this FK, Lotina head coach changed 3 members at the same time. Koji Suzuki, Jun Nishikawa and Kakitani were sent to the pitch on behalf of Bruno Mendes, Takagi and Hiroshi Kiyotake.
Cerezo were on the offensive for a while from this point, but while they were unable to catch up to the tie, conversely, they lost 4th point due to their passing mistake from the throw-in even when they were attacking. Right after the painful goal that was watched for a chance, the 5th point was scored, and the game was determined.

For Cerezo, although Eiichi Katayama, who jumped into the space from the long pass of Seko, made a loop shot carefully watching the position of GK, but it was blocked by crossbar. In the end, the game ended 2-5 as it was. They are not able to stop the consecutive wins of Kawasaki who was running the lead, and recorded the painful defeat that the difference of winning point extended to 10 to the leader.