J1 vs Kashiwa Reysol: Match Report

A defense of Iron wall and an effective 3 points. With a professional first goal for Nishikawa they won without difficulty.

Two days interval after the J. League YBC Levain Cup 3rd section against Vegalta Sendai. Cerezo Osaka challenged again the away game, J1 10th section against Kashiwa Reysol. The starter was the same 11 players as the previous section against F.C. Tokyo. On the bench, Yoichiro Kakitani, who had 1 goal and 1 assist in the Sendai game, and Jun Nishikawa and Koji Suzuki who returned from injury were included as substitute members.
At the beginning, Cerezo, who showed a good entry, succeeded in the opener in 5th minutes. Bruno Mendes caught Riku Matsuda's feed and provided it to Hiroshi Kiyotake on the left side. When Kiyotake attracted a defender and sent a return pass, Bruno Mendes splendidly shook the goal net from the one trap.

After that, Kashiwa took the possession and Cerezo had more time to defend, but they tightened the guard in the center area and repeatedly kicked back the crosses centering Matej Jonjić and Ayumu Seko. For the shot from a distance Kim Jin Hyeon cleared and gave no chance to enter. In 31st minutes, a cross from the right side was held by Olunga, and the shot by Hayato Nakama was decisive form, but Kim Jin Hyeon reached out with his right hand and made a big save. He did not let the opponents break the goal.

In the second half as well, Cerezo moved the score in the early minutes. In 55th minutes, Kiyotake's sharp FK spinning to the far side led Kashiwa's own goal, and they widen the lead. Like the first half, Kashiwa took the possession after that, and they shot continuously, but there was no scene that could be called scoring chance. When the defense team calmly responded, in 87th minutes, the two players who participated from midway contributed for scoring. Naoyuki Fujita cut the pass of Kashiwa, and immediately Kakitani carried it dribbling, and when he sent an exquisite pass to the behind attracting a DF, Nishikawa, who was running into the space, saw GK's movement carefully and made a loop shot. Cerezo determined the match with Nishikawa's first memorable goal as professional.

Right after that, they allowed Olunga to score from the kicking mistake of Kim Jin Hyeon who received the backpass from Seko, but Cerezo won 3-1. This section was a match between 2 teams in a good condition, which had not defeated in recent 5 league games, but Cerezo, who had a good victory over Kashiwa with a defense of the iron wall and an effective 3 points, moved up to second place in the interim. In the next section, they will challenge the leader, Kawasaki Frontale.