J1 vs Shonan Bellmare: Match Report

Kiyotake's PK as his first goal of this season was the winning goal. Showed solid defense and won for the first time in three games.

After passing July when the matches were divided into east and west, it was the first game in August when the battle stage spread nationwide. Cerezo Osaka, who got into the home of Shonan Bellmare, won the match for the first time in three games in 1-0 and moved up to second place.

Cerezo controlled the game by keeping the possession from the beginning, but could not break through Shonan who was occupying the space with 5-4-1 formation in defending. After 20th minutes, they made mistakes one after another in building-up on their pitch side, and gave Shonan a scoring chance, but the shot went out of the frame, and it was nothing happened. After water break, when they regained their pace, in 30th minutes, the vertical pass of Ayumu Seko became the switch and they picked up the second ball and developed to the right side. Koji Suzuki, the first starter of this season, met the cross of Leandro Desabato with a heading, but it went out of the frame. In 36th minutes, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, who received a vertical pass from Naoyuki Fujita, aimed at a middle shot but did not hit. The first half ended without reaching making a scoring chance.

In the second half that the players were sent out by Lotina head coach saying, "Let's play faster and play with more depth." Cerezo raised the attack gear. When they speeded up taking the risk, in 51st minutes Riku Matsuda stole at a high position and Fujita made a middle shot. In 57th minutes, from Yusuke Maruhashi's cross, Hiroaki Okuno headed on the far side. When they created a scene approaching the goal, in 70th minutes, Sakamoto entered the opponent's penalty area one-two with Okuno. He was fallen by opponent DF from behind and got PK. Captain Hiroshi Kiyotake kicked this in the left corner of the goal and they succeeded in opener.

After that, Cerezo was in the form of being attacked by Shonan, but the stability in defense was not broken. Even when they were shaken to the side, they carefully slid and bounced back the cross inside. The only thing to have been scared was the shot by Toichi Suzuki, who was cut in from the right side, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon caught it firmly. Right after 83rd minutes, Sakamoto stole at a high position and started the counter, and passed to Yuta Toyokawa, who had overtaken from behind. It was about to be a scoring chance, but Toyokawa's shot was blocked by GK.

Although they could not score the second point, Cerezo, who dealt with Shonan's cross attack to the end, achieved the fourth clean sheet in this season and won 1-0. “We really wanted to win today because we had two consecutive draw games.” (Kiyotake) Succeeded in gaining 3 winning points and got the momentum to the following series of games including J. League YBC Levain Cup.