Notification of Agreement of Sponsorship with “SEAYENS Co.,Ltd.”

We are pleased to announce that CEREZO OSAKA CO., LTD (hereafter Cerezo Osaka) has signed an official sponsorship agreement with "SEAYENS Co.,Ltd." (The contract starts on February 1, 2020).
Details of the contract and "SEAYENS Co.,Ltd." are as follows.

"SEAYENS Co.,Ltd."

Official Web Site

◆ Contract details: Cerezo Osaka Bronze Sponsor
◆ Business description:
・ Development and operation of information system
・ General distribution processing service
・ Development and operation of global Logistics system

◆ Comments from SEAYENS Co.,Ltd.
We are very pleased to announce that SEAYENS Co.,Ltd. has entered into a bronze sponsor agreement with Cerezo Osaka. Since our founding, we, SEAYENS Co.,Ltd. have always wished for the prosperity of the customers, worked soulfully on any small thing, and have been working hard to propose systems that are unrivaled. To hope that our customer’s development and to keep growing together with our customers. These are our eternal corporate philosophy, and we strongly believe that we can greatly contribute to society.
『ALL people are Creators ⇒ We are Eternal Creators』
All customers are Creators, and it's important to provide them with every opportunity,
"We are Eternal Creators" aims for the company (Seayens = To support) that creates the system that can make SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private level Apparel) possible for the region’s / customer’s Wants, and eternally contribute to the society. We hope to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Cerezo Osaka. In order to develop with Cerezo Osaka that the young talents keep on blooming, growing and winning, we would like to support with all our efforts as bronze sponsor and vitalize Osaka city.