J1 vs Oita Trinita: Match Report

Cerezo won at the final section. Decorated with the winning the last game of the season that had been growing and achieved the lowest lost points in the league!

The final section of the 2019 Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League match. To decorate with the winning the last game, the starter of Cerezo, who entered Oita Trinita's home, was the same 11 as the previous match against Shimizu S-Pulse. Hiroshi Kiyotake, who came back to his hometown, was also starter with a captain's mark, and as in the previous section, Ayumu Seko entered one corner of the CB.

In 1st minute at the beginning, Yoichiro Kakitani who received the pass from Seko was pushed down and got FK. Souza approached the goal with a sharp kick, and from long throw of Naoyuki Fujita, Kota Mizunuma headed to the Kakitani’s cross. Although it was blocked by GK, they made a scoring chance right after the game began. After that, there was a scene that Cerezo led to a pinch from a pass mistake, but as Lotina head coach looked back after the game “We could play by moving the ball each other with firm standard”, after they held the ball passing with a good tempo, in 29th minutes, Kiyotake was pushed down again and got FK, and the kicker was Souza again. A spectacular vertical control shot shook the goal net and Cerezo succeeded the opener.

In 41st minutes, although Onaiwu Ado took behind, GK Kim Jin Hyeon jumped out and narrowed the course. The shot went over the crossbar and got nothing. In 43rd minutes, Mizunuma shot in front of the opponent's goal, connecting with Souza, Mizunuma, Hiroaki Okuno and Kakitani. Lotina head coach was saying before the game, "Which team can move around the ball more effectively will be the key to win” and it was great in the first half for Cerezo who could firmly catch the ball, make the opponent move and make chances.

In the second half, Cerezo had the time to be pushed forward by Oita, who had replaced the players, but in 54th minutes, they took the extra point that they wanted. Riku Matsuda cut the opponent’s pass at the high position. When Kiyotake picked up the second ball after throwing the cross, Souza passed to forward. Matsuda connected with a heading, Kakitani dropped it with a soft touch, and Okuno scored the one he was aiming for. Since then also, Cerezo had been active. Like in 70th minutes Yusuke Maruhashi from Kiyotake's pass, and in 72nd minutes Okuno from Mizunuma’s cross, Cerezo constantly created chances minimizing the opponent's scoring chance on defense side. In 87th minutes, although the ball was stolen at a high position and they allowed Shintaro Shimada’s direct shot to the post, there were only 4 shots that they allowed Oita throughout the first and second half. They achieved the 15th clean seat in this season and brilliantly finished the season with a lowest lost point in the league.

Cerezo won with a great content that can be said as a compilation of this season that had been growing. Although the ranking remained at 5th place and the possibility to get the participating qualification of ACL was disappeared, but “We were able to play a good game. We have managed to grow by valuing one game one game throughout the season”, Lotina head coach said. They have succeeded in closing this season with contents that we can expect in the next season.