Emperor’s Cup vs Sagan Tosu: Match Report

A painful development that always allowed the first move. Showed willpower to catch up twice but defeated the Emperor's Cup.

Cerezo Osaka marched into the opponent field and challenged the game against Sagan Tosu, as the 99th Emperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship Round 16. The starter was replaced by 6 players from the latest J1 league round 26th section against Urawa Reds. “Considering the conditions and risks of injury” (Lotina head coach), the team was designed to raise the bottom up the whole team.

However, Cerezo of this day did not have a tense atmosphere somehow from the beginning. In 2nd minutes, when they lost the ball in the middle and gave Tosu the scoring chance, in 5th minutes they also faced the pinch from FK. Even if they took the ball away, they could not carry the ball forward in front of the opponent's sharp start. The time passed while Tosu was holding the initiative like continuing the development to lose the second ball without making the offensive starting point etc, and in 20th minutes, Yohei Toyoda headed from the cross of Hiromu Mitsumaru, and they allowed the opponent’s opener.

Even after that, the modification did not take effect, and the game continued to remain as a defense. In 31st minutes, the right side was broken down again and Toyoda tried goal from the cross. It was a decisive chance, but here GK Kentaro Kakoi showed a big save managing to leave his right hand. He never allowed the goal. Cerezo began to counterattack when the first half was ending in 10 minutes around. They attacked several times, but they couldn't make a scoring chance, and the first half finished with one point behind.

They entered the second half with being motivated themselves by Lotina head coach like, “Let’s do reverse! Let's go 100% from the beginning of the second half”. When the movements of the Cerezo players were activated, in 48th minutes, Atom Tanaka crossed the loose ball of CK. Matej Jonjić headed up and tied up. Still, 3 minutes later, An Yong Woo scored with a middle shot due to a mistake in build-up, and they allowed the opponents to lead again.

In 70th minutes, Lotina sent Yoichiro Kakitani and Toshiyuki Takagi at the same time. Just after modifying the tactics on offense side, Tanaka picked up a loose ball of the long throw from Eiichi Katayama and kicked a shootable cross. Kakitani responded this directly, and Cerezo caught up to a tie again. From there, they attacked to take it all the way to the reverse, but in 81st minutes Mu Kanazaki scored from shaking from side to side, and they gave Tosu a winning point. In 88th minutes, they allowed Toyoda to make a second point, and everything was closed.

It was the Cerezo of the day that, in the offense, the buildup did not go well due to the press of Tosu, and even in the defense, the side was broken down with repeated goals. With the content that can be said to be complete defeat, the consecutive win of the official game stopped at 5. The road to the victory of Emperor's Cup championship since the 97th tournament has also stopped. The Emperor's Cup ended in midway of ambition, but the next week we will meet Gamba Osaka in the league. They want to make good preparations to win to their old enemy.