J1 vs Urawa Reds: Match Report

Riku Matsuda’s opener and Atom Tanaka’s explosion of golazo. Gained the valuable 3 winning points to pursue the top!

For the 4 consecutive wins of the league, this was the section to land at the home ground of Urawa Reds. The starter of Cerezo Osaka had been changed by one from the previous section. Instead of Ayumu Seko who just returned from the U-22 Japan National Team's visit to North and Central America, Yuki Kimoto, who had been preparing for this section, entered the corner of the center back.

In the first half, the development to compete for the ball in the middle continued for a long while, but gradually Cerezo grabbed and moved the ball, carefully passing to the player who took the floated position and started to capture the Urawa’s defense. However, even if they almost broke down in a good form, the last pass or cross were blocked and bounced back, and they couldn't bring it to the shot.

In the defense side, Yusuke Maruhashi firmly responded to Takahiro Sekine, who played over a wide area. They didn’t allow Urawa to make the scoring chance, but in 32nd minutes the harmony between Matej Jonjić and Kim Jin Hyeon didn’t match, and the back pass was almost sucked into the goal. Riku Matsuda covered the shot of Sekine, which was allowed from CK given here. There was nothing.

In 39th minutes, Shinzo Koroki took behind from the pass of Sekine. This was the biggest pinch in the first half, but Matej Jonjić cleared the cross that was turned back to the inside. From 40th minutes to the end of the first half, Cerezo approached the goal connecting the ball in a good way, but didn’t reach the goal, and the first half ended with no score.

The second half that they wanted to take the lead. It was the both of side back that Sakura is proud that drove the game. In 47th minutes, Maruhashi, who received Kim Jin Hyeon's pass, started dribbling from the half line around. He left a couple of opponents behind carrying the ball and crossed. Through Kota Mizunuma's through pass, Matsuda, who ran from the opposite side, shot directly, and the course changed by hitting the opponent's DF, and it pierced the far side.

From here the game became an open development and moved radically. Cerezo got the chance first. In 57th minutes, Mizunuma, who received Leandro Desábato's pass, turned back negative. Hiroaki Okuno reached, and Bruno Mendes finally shot but it was blocked by DF. In 58th minutes, Mizunuma cut the clear of opponent's DF. Even though a loose ball reached to Yoichiro Kakitani in the center, it couldn’t be brought into the shot. Then in 60th minutes, they were caught up with the tie. When allowed Takuya Ogiwara, who had entered in turns 3 minutes ago, to shoot from dribbling, Kim Jin Hyeon blocked hitting with his hand, but the bounced ball to the post was pushed into a goal by Koroki.

Against the momentum of Urawa, Lotina sent Koji Suzuki and Atom Tanaka in a row. After increasing the time to hold the ball and successfully pulling it back to their own pace, in 82nd minutes, the play, which influenced how the game went, happened. When Matsuda sent the ball to the front line while preventing the breakthrough of Ogiwara, which they couldn’t stop in the losing point scene, Okuno received it, and Koji Suzuki broke through Yuki Abe at one-on-one with high and low speed. Abe, who committed the foul, left the field with a second yellow card warning.

Cerezo scored the second point from the flow that they obtained FK here. Naoyuki Fujita's kick was rebounded, but Tanaka picked it up and provided to Fujita again. The cross from there was also bounced back, but Leandro Desábato picked up again and captured the right side. Directly connected with Matsuda, Mizunuma and Koji Suzuki, and the ball went back to Matsuda again. Here, when Okuno showed a move to enter the center and attracted Urawa DF who was wary of the cross, Tanaka became free before the penalty area. After receiving Matsuda's pass, the shot from a trap, the perfect drive shot from the movement without hesitation pierced the goal, and Cerezo left Urawa with more lead.

Since then, Cerezo had advanced the clock hands without any risk while taking advantage of numerical advantages. Succeeded in the revenge of the disappointing defeat that they had at home and achieved 4 consecutive league wins. They gained 3 valuable winning points to pursue the top.