J1 vs Kawasaki Frontale: Match Report

J1 first goal that jumped out to Seko and Suzuki. In the defense side, they survived Kawasaki F’s onslaught with only 1 losing point and achieved the first three consecutive wins in this season.

For the first three consecutive wins in this season, in order to get closer to the qualified place for targeting ACL participation, and to deliver victory to captain Hiroshi Kiyotake, who was injured before this section. For Cerezo, this section game against Kawasaki Frontale with a full of reasons why they want to win.

Yoichiro Kakitani entered the notable left side half. It was the first time to play as starter for him in these 17 matches since the Shimizu S-Pulse game in 8th section as the league. The other 10 players are the same as the Júbilo Iwata game in the previous section. They challenged this section by continuing the flow of consecutive wins in the league.

The game moved aggressively from the beginning. The one who took the first chance was Cerezo. In 2nd minutes, when Matej Jonjić competed the thrown CK by Naoyuki Fujita at near side, Ayumu Seko pushed the loose ball, that was bounced by GK, and succeeded the opener at the end. For Seko, this was a happy first J1 goal. Cerezo auspiciously entered the game, but from there on, the time overwhelmed by the attack of Kawasaki F continued.

When they could not connect the stolen ball and allowed Kawasaki F the wavy attack, they lost the point in 13th minutes. GK Kim Jun-hyeon blocked punching the cross of Akihiro Ienaga on the right side, but Hiroyuki Abe picked up the loose ball and pushed it in, and they were caught up to the tie.

After 20th minutes, Cerezo started to have more time to hold the ball, and Kawasaki F's attack also toned down. It became the development that held the initiative each other. Cerezo made a good opportunity using Bruno Mendes, but the scoring chance was not born, and the first half ended with 1-1.

In the second half, Lotina head coach moved in 50th minutes. When Koji Suzuki was sent in place of Bruno Mendes, Suzuki did a big job 4 minutes later. After picking up loose ball of Fujita's long throw, they play breaking the right side, and to the cross of Leandro Desábato, Suzuki headed at the near side from the exquisite positioning. After scoring, Suzuki rushed to the back of the goal and shared joy with supporters. In the first home game after joining with a strong mind that “the goal is the best way to get recognition from the teammates and supporters”, he brilliantly scored the first goal of J1.

After that, Kawasaki F, who suffered behind, launched counterattack changing the players and systems, but Cerezo handled without no panic. Matej Jonjić and Seko bounced firmly in the middle against the cross, and two Volantes, Leandro Desábato and Fujita, filled the central space.

In 82nd minutes, the scoring chance came to Cerezo from the counter. When Kota Mizunuma escaped from the right side, they had a three-to-one numerical advantage. When Mizunuma who confirmed the situation calmly sent a pass, and Atom Tanaka received it and aimed for a shot, but this was blocked by GK and was not an additional point.

Still, including 6 minutes of additional time, Cerezo, who survived the attack of Kawasaki F to the end, won 2-1. Despite having lost one goal, the defense persistently responded to the opponent's attack and improved the way of carrying the game in the second half, that had been the problem in the past 2 games. The winning way with the goal, that was born to the new member Suzuki, has given the good momentum for the future, and Cerezo has increased their winning points to 40 and has named themselves in the top front.