J1 vs Jubilo Iwata: Match Report

Vivid direct FK of Maruhashi and skillful additional point of Mizunuma. As defensive side they achieved 12th clean sheet matches of this season and won comfortably at enemy field

2019 Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 24th section, the game against Júbilo Iwata, that is the away consecutive game. For Cerezo Osaka, Yusuke Maruhashi directly scored the opener in 18th minutes in the first half, and Kota Mizunuma added another point from the counter in 45th minutes. In the second half even with the opponent's onslaught they did not allow the goal to the end, achieved 12th clean sheet in this season's league game, and comfortably won 2-0.

The opponent of this section, Iwata, had no way out for J1 remaining, so they decided to change the head coach of the second time in this season. This section was the first game for Fernando Jubero new head coach. As Cerezo, there was a part that they could not anticipate how the opponent would play including the system and the way of defense, but “Our staff brought the idea into us, that the soccer and the style of the new Iwata’s head coach used to do in the previous team” (Naoyuki Fujita) and so the staff had analyzed in advance, and that made it possible to carry the game as expected. As usual, they move the ball firmly and dominate the game, the scoring chance came in 8th minutes. Yusuke Maruhashi overtook two defenses and crossed, and Hiroshi Kiyotake shot the loose ball of the clearing. Kiyotake again pushed the bounced ball blocked by GK, but no score was given for the judgement of hitting the Kiyotake’s hand.

In 12th minutes, there was a chance from Fujita’s FK. Matej Jonjić turned back on the far side and Ayumu Seko received inside, but it was slightly over the crossbar. After that, Cerezo was holding the ball and attacked in waves. And the long-awaited first goal was born in 18th minutes. When Maruhashi kicked the FK obtained from Mizunuma's dribbling, a kick with a perfect trajectory pierced the goal net.

In the defense side, there was a scene where they had the difficulty with Adaílton’s breaking through, but the organization was not broken down, and when the game proceeded without losing points, an additional point was added in 45th minutes. From the counter, Mizunuma, who ran out to Kiyotake's pass, swept through the opponent's defense with a sharp turn, and swept away another defense that was covering, poured calmly and shook the net.

In the second half, Iwata, who had two behind points, replaced two members from the start. Especially Cerezo suffered from the breakthrough of Daigo Araki who entered on the right side. When they were pushed down the defense line, mistakes began to stand out even in connecting passes. Still, the central stronghold was firm, and GK Kim Jun-hyeon blocked the shot at the end. In 60th minutes, Riku Matsuda dropped Kiyotake's side change, and Leandro Desábato aimed and shot. Although it was a decisive form, it was slightly off the post.

From here, Lotina head coach shut off the opponent's attack by changing the players. In 77th minutes, Eiichi Katayama was sent instead of Kiyotake. Katayama entered the right side half as a countermeasure against Adaílton and worked with Riku Matsuda to block him. In 85th minutes, Yasuki Kimoto went to the pitch instead of Mizunuma, who was turning to the left side at the same time as Katayama was sent. Kimoto entered Volante, and Hiroaki Okuno, who was playing Volante at the same time with the entering of Koji Suzuki, moved to the left side half.

Cerezo, aiming for the third goal, while also firmly dealing with the breakthrough of both wings of Iwata, had a chance in 90th minutes, when the ball was connected through Kim Jun-hyeon, Kimoto and Katayama. Katayama broke through the right side, but the cross did not match slightly. In the additional time of the second half, Bruno Mendes took behind and shot from Koji Suzuki’s pass. The Okuno’s shot from the loose ball that hit the post was also blocked by GK Kamiński.

In the second half, it was a certain that they wanted to make a little more time to hold the ball, but it was also the fact that they ended the game without allowing the opponent to make the scoring chances. To the opponents who tried the game with the feeling to want to celebrate the first victory for the new head coach, for Cerezo, it was a “harder game than imagined from the score” (Lotina head coach) but succeeded in finishing the consecutive wins. They got 3 winning points, which is now getting closer to the higher rank.