J1 vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Match Report

Hiroaki Okuno was active with 2 points. Bore the onslaught of Yokohama FM and gained 3 valuable winning points in the opponent field.

In 3 days from the 3rd round of the Emperor's Cup that won in the enemy territory. After traveling overnight by bus, Cerezo Osaka headed to the away ground again to face the 2019 Meiji Yasuda Seimei J1 League 23rd section, Yokohama F・Marinos match. The highest temperature on the day of the game exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, and it was a battle in a harsh environment where the sweat is breaking out and physical strength was exhausted even when standing.

With a sense of heated battle, it was Cerezo that controlled the game in the first half. At the beginning, they were attacked by Yokohama FM, but when both center backs, Ayumu Seko and Matej Jonjić, bounced back, after 10th minutes Hiroshi Kiyotake started to make a chance on the left side as a starting point. Then, in 12th minutes, Cerezo succeeded the opener. When Riku Matsuda stole the ball at a high position and Naoyuki Fujita provided an exquisite pass to the space on the left side, Yusuke Maruhashi, who had entered a deep position, sent a back pass to Kiyotake. Kiyotake, who took out the opponent, was caught by the defense once, but when the ball loosed around him again, he crossed it in without rushing. Hiroaki Okuno, who jumped out with exquisite timing, reacted and swung the goal net.

Even after the opener, although the possession rate of Yokohama FM surpassed that of Cerezo, they did not allow the opponents to enter the middle, and received shots were only from the outside of penalty area. In 19th and 36th minutes, Rikuto Hirose released the middle shot within the frame, but Kim Jun-hyeon protected the goal with a good save. In 40th minutes, the ball that was rebounded by Seko was connected to Fujita and Okuno, and finally Bruno Mendes headed to Kiyotake's cross, but it was unfortunately blocked by GK.

With an auspicious opener, it was the first half that ended in a nearly ideal development saving the opponent attacks, but in the second half, Cerezo pushed down the final line against Yokohama FM, which strengthened the offensive. If the number of cases to be entered to the own penalty area increased, it caused a decisive pinch in 54th minutes. Mateus’s crossed shot was saved by Kim Jun-hyeon, but when Erik approached the loose ball, it was about to be sucked into the goal. However, just before breaking the line, Seko extended his legs and succeeded the super clear. After getting rid of the losing point, in 62nd minutes, Kim Jun-hyeon blocked with a big save Erik's shot from Theerathon's cross.

Cerezo wanted to endure this time and move on to counterattack but could not be patient and lost the point as a result. In the 68th minutes, when the ball was stolen on the front line and received a short counter, Marcos Junior came out to the Erik’s pass and scored. And they were caught up to the tie score. Just after, in 70th minutes, the counter reached a decisive pinch, but Matsuda put a block with his body on Mateus's shot. No reversal was allowed.

In 72nd minutes, Koji Suzuki, who made his debut of Cerezo and J1 in this match, was sent as a replacement of Bruno Mendes. Then, in the second half that Cerezo had been passing the time to be inferior, but in 76th minutes, they took advantage of one chance. As soon as the second half started, to the FK kicked by Souza, who had been on the pitch on behalf of Yasuki Kimoto, Okuno extended his toes hard and succeeded in reversing. The area of the Cerezo supporters behind the goal was delighted. Immediately after, Suzuki was playing hard on the front and another scoring chance came to Mizunuma, but the shot slightly went over the crossbar and could not extend the lead. After that, Cerezo received the onslaught of Yokohama FM until the end but endured desperately. At the end of the game, there were some players who had their leg cramp, and so they barely defensed but did not allowed the opponent bullet for tie score. They did not step on the same trap as in the previous section, which was reversed in the final stage, and won 2-1 and reached a moment of joy.

Overcrowding schedule, heat, Yokohama FM onslaught ... This section was a tough game, but each player put out all the power to the end to get through the battle and gained 3 winning points for the first time in 4 matches in the league cup.