J1 vs Sagan Tosu: Match Report

Despite the auspicious opener with the bullet shot of Okuno, Cerezo could not get the additional point, and lost after the victory seemed certain.

At the only home game held in August, against Sagan Tosu at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Cerezo suffered from the press of Tosu at the beginning, and had a scene that fluttered from mistakes, but gradually regained calmness, and in 11th minutes Kota Mizunuma released first shot from the pass of Hiroshi Kiyotake.

In 19th minutes, when Mizunuma got out to the right back side from the pass of Riku Matsuda and got CK, Cerezo took the long-awaited first goal. Hiroaki Okuno directly shot the loose ball of CK that was kicked by Naoyuki Fujita. The “relaxed” (Okuno says) shot that drew a wonderful trajectory pierced the goal net.

After that, Cerezo that “comfortably” (Lotina says) carried the game made a chance in 23rd minutes when Matsuda entered in front of the goal with Mizunuma, and in 35th minutes Mizunuma, who received the pass from Yusuke Maruhashi, directly provided, and then Bruno Mendes broke the side. In 40th minutes as well, Okuno successfully held the ball and passed to Mizunuma on the right side. And Okuno approached the goal with a volley to the cross of Mizunuma.

In the second half, Cerezo was the first to make the scoring chance. Bruno Mendes, who got out to the behind from the pass of Yasuki Kimoto, shot in the 49th minutes, but it was slightly out of the frame. Also, in 56th minutes, Okuno shot the loose ball of Maruhashi's cross, and Matej Jonjić headed from the followed CK. Both were decisive opportunities, but met the fine save of the opponent GK and did not make a goal.

In 61st minutes, Bruno Mendes, who carried dribbling around from the half line, entered the penalty area passing through two DFs. At the end, it seemed that the foot of DF touched him, but it was not whistled. While the entire stadium was confused, Tosu made a scoring chance in 65th minutes, but Fernando Torres's shot went above the crossbar.

Cerezo who wanted the additional points had a big chance again in 86th minutes. Yoichiro Kakitani, who entered the game midway and received the vertical pass from Kiyotake, provided an exquisite through pass being surrounded by a DF, and Bruno Mendes, who received it behind, went through the GK and tried to shoot. Here, although GK's hand hit Bruno Mendes's foot, the game continued, and in 88th minutes from the CK that was given just after this, the special designated player of Tosu, Daichi Hayashi headed and scored the equalizer.

Still, Cerezo continued to attack to the end only for the victory, and in 90+1st minutes, Maruhashi got the scoring opportunity from the loose ball of FK, but the shot was blocked by GK. Then, 90+5th minutes the unexpected turn was waiting. When Bruno Mendes's heading from Fujita's long throw was blocked by GK, they met a counter of the opponent and allowed a reversal with Yohei Toyoda’s shot at the end.

Although Cerezo got the auspicious opener and continued to dominate the game, the losing the second scoring opportunity affected to the end, and the result was a failure to get the winning points.