J1 vs Vegalta Sendai: Match Report

The possession rate and the numbers of scoring chance exceeded, but one point was far, regrettable scoreless draw.

The match against Vegalta Sendai at this section, aiming for the 5 consecutive home wins. The starter of of Cerezo Osaka is the same for 4 consecutive games from the 17th section, the match against Shonan Bellmare. This was the form to consider the importance of the flow that the result of 2 wins and 1 draw came out.

Cerezo strengthened the ball possession from the beginning. While making the starting point on the front line and making an opportunity using the side effectively, in 15th minutes, the first decisive chance came. Bruno Mendes, who received a pass by Kota Mizunuma, competed and won to Simão Mate and provided a cross from the side. Hiroshi Kiyotake received it on the far side, but the volley shot could not catch the frame. Also, in 24th minutes, Bruno Mendes, who received Riku Matsuda's pass, worked as a starting point, and Hiroaki Okuno jumped into the Kiyotake’s cross, but it was defended by Sendai defense and did not become a goal. From the CK obtained this play, a decisive chance came again. When they picked up the second ball, Matej Jonjić headed to the cross from Okuno, but it was slightly over the crossbar. Despite the aggressive attacks, Cerezo was far from the first goal. On the defense side, there were scenes to feel uneasy giving Sendai the scoring chances from the pass mistakes and the set plays, but the first half ended without losing points, showing the great save of Kim Jun-hyeon in 26th minutes.

In the second half, while Sendai strengthened the press from the front, there was a time to go on the defensive, but the first chance came to Cerezo. Mizunuma had a direct attempt at FK in 59th minutes, but the shot to hit the track was stopped by Sendai GK Jakub Słowik who made his J debut in this game. In the 62nd minutes, Lotina made two simultaneous substitutions. In place of Naoyuki Fujita, Leandro Desábato, and in place of Okuno, Toshiyuki Takagi are sent to the pitch. Then, in 68th minutes, a decisive chance came in the form that these two who entered by turns were involved. Mizunuma turned over the Leandro Desábat’s pass on the right side, and Takagi met with a volley in front of the goal, but this was also protected by GK. The decisive chance came again in the next 69th minutes. In the buildup which was started from Kim Jin-hyeon, the left side was broken, and Mizunuma met Kiyotake's turn, but the shot was slightly over the crossbar.

In 79th minutes, Kim Jin-hyeon’s goal kick was cut, and quickly it was deployed to the side, they allowed Ramon Lopes a shot from the cross, but it got over the crossbar and got nothing.

Cerezo, who wanted to win by scoring one point, had a big chance in 83rd minutes. Kiyotake dribbled in a row with Bruno Mendes and entered in front of the goal. In disappearing the shooting course, he chose to return to Bruno Mendes, but it was stopped by Simão Mate, who appeared as a wall of Cerezo again and again in this match.

After all, the game is ended by scoreless draw. For Cerezo, who had exceeded the possession rate and the numbers of scoring chances, they wanted to get the winning 3 points, but could not break Sendai's tenacious defense, and the scoring ability became an issue. On the other hand, Lotina head coach looked back, "What can happen in such a game is to lose with 1 point that is scored from the counter or opponent's CK that is born from it. Such a worst result can be happened, but they were keeping the concentration until the end and could avoid the worst result." As he said, they did not allow the opponent to score, and this has led to “6” consecutive clean sheet matches at home.