J1 vs Nagoya Grampus: Match Report

A sweeping victory over Nagoya on offense and defense. Succeeded in revenge of away match and achieved home 4 consecutive wins.

This section is the first match of the second half of the league. Cerezo Osaka played a 3-0 victory against Nagoya Grampus. They succeeded in revenge of the defeat in the second section and achieved home 4 consecutive victory.

To Nagoya, who was holding the ball from the start, Cerezo was simply aiming for a chance with two tops, Bruno Mendes and Hiroaki Okuno to run behind. Then, it was decisive chance in 15th minutes. Yusuke Maruhashi picked up on the opposite side, where the cross from Bruno Mendes's breakthrough had flowed, and provided a cross vertically. Okuno went running to the middle but regrettably could not hit. Still, in 22nd minutes, scored at the second decisive chance. At the front, Okuno was the starting point, and fed to Kota Mizunuma on the right side. When Mizunuma cut back and raised an exquisite cross with the left foot, it was Maruhashi that responded on the far side. Cerezo took the first goal with an intense volley shot.

From here to the end of the first half, Cerezo made the decisive chances many times. In the 29th minutes, Hiroshi Kiyotake tried to shoot from the one-two with the Mizunuma in the center of the goal, and in the 39th minute, Mizunuma crossed taking the behind. Bruno Mendes responded, but the shot went over the crossbar. At 42nd minutes, Mizunuma, who jumped to the back of the defense line at the exquisite timing to Kiyotake's cross, responded with the volley, but was parried by GK. Apart from these, Cerezo made the scenes of "decisive opportunity if the next pass fit by one step" several times and finished the first half overcoming Nagoya.

In the second half, in Nagoya Ariajasuru Hasegawa left and Kazuki Kushibiki entered, and the system was also changed from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2. Cerezo, in the second half that the opponent made changes, allowed the opponent to break down on the side and to make chances in 62nd and 64th minutes by João Schmidt as starting point, but there was no critical pinch, and they endured defending. Then, the chance of an additional point in 69th minutes. Kiyotake, who took the behind from the pass of Ayumu Seko, dribbled forward and fed the pass the Bruno Mendes who was running in a row and came in front of the goal. However, it did not reach the score for being stuck in the returning DF.

Still in 78th minutes, Toshiyuki Takagi, who was playing as one of the 2-top in place of Okuno from 3 minutes ago, scored the additional point. Bruno Mendes, who picked up the ball where DF cleared the long pass of Riku Matsuda, dodged one and passed to Takagi on the front. Takagi brought in one-on-one with GK, hit the shot to GK once, but went to pick up the loose ball by himself, and then Cerezo took a long-awaited second goal.

Just before the end of the game, Cerezo allowed Nagoya to bring the ball into the penalty area, but the last shot was blocked by Matej Jonjić. After enduring the aggressive Nagoya’s offence, in 90 + 6th minutes, Bruno Mendes, who got out to the feed of Eiichi Katayama entered midway, turned ahead with an exquisite trap and made a solo run on the left side. He dodged the opponent in the cover, shot to pass through the crotch of the opponent's GK, and scored the third goal to decide the game.

To the opponent that they lost 0-2 in the second section, Cerezo had a sweeping victory in the form of showing the growth from there. The number of the game of clean sheet in this season's league has been reached “10”, and they achieved 4 consecutive home games in the league match with a solid defense. With the intensified momentum, in the next section, they will play against Vegalta Sendai at home again.