J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Match Report

The match with a big change from first half to second half. Despite of the opener from Kota Mizunuma at FK, caught back in the second half, and missed the 3 consecutive wins.

The Away game against Sanfrecce Hiroshima as the starting game of the second half of league.
The starting member of Cerezo Osaka, who got into the opponent field for the first three consecutive wins in this season, was the same 11 as in the previous section. They faced with 4-4-2 system that Yasuki Kimoto played as volante.

Before the game, as a point in grabbing victory, Lotina head coach was talking about "moving the ball and moving effectively", and in the first half, Cerezo dominated the game. The defense line also took high positions and pushed up the whole, showing a high-quality ball possession in the opponent side

After 2 minutes, Bruno Mendes drove back to the Yusuke Maruhashi's pass, pushed down the Hiroshima defense taking down the depth, and in 3rd minutes shot from a cross of Riku Matsuda who had received a side change from Kimoto. Slightly out of the frame, but this time threatened the Hiroshima goal with a wide-ranging attack. In 15th minutes, Kota Mizunuma, who received a pass from Naoyuki Fujita, released the dribbled shot.
The ball, that changed its trajectory after hitting the defender, went to the goal but it was bounced by the crossbar.

Cerezo on defensive side as well thoroughly managed risks in the field. The game went without allowing a valid attack on Hiroshima, and it succeeded to get the lead in 19th minutes. Mizunuma directly marked a goal with a vivid kick the free-kick that Bruno Mendes tenaciously got. After that, Cerezo, who made the chance, did not give Hiroshima a decisive chance, and maintained the superiority in offense and defense and finished the first half.

In the second half, the game proceeded at the pace of Hiroshima. In contrast to Hiroshima coming to the press from a higher position, Cerezo was entirely at back position, and both wingbacks of Hiroshima, Rhayner and Yoshifumi Kashiwa had a high position. The goal was scored in 66th minutes when the goal was threatened with a simple cross using the width and the attack that made use of Patric's strength. To the cross of Rhayner, who had entered the penalty, Patric headed and shaken the net. In 73rd minutes, this time, Cerezo allowed Patric a header again from the cross of Kashiwa on the left side, but they were saved by the post.

In the 77th minute, Lotina was unable to contain himself and sent Tatsuya Yamashita who had both height and strength. Thinking to reorganize the defense, in 79th minutes, Hiroshima's head coach Hiroshi Jofuku sent Yusuke Minagawa to the pitch and changed the system to 4-4-2. In 86th minutes, Cerezo allowed Minagawa shot, but it flied out of the frame.

In the second half, Cerezo couldn't make the attacking pattern as expected, but in 51st minutes it was a decisive form that Bruno Mendes, who got out to the through-ball of Mizunuma, shot from a vivid turn. Regrettably it could not catch the frame, but as Cerezo, they wanted a second point to make a lead to Hiroshima. After all, this scene became the only shot in the second half, and the game ended with no offensive hand in the second half.

The first half of mass-producing opportunities from the build-up that has been growing, and the second half that could not be recovered from the development that went on defensive. The battle that included harvesting and problem was also a "reasonable outcome" (Lotina’s comment). Although Cerezo missed their first three consecutive wins this season, they will face two home games from the next section in order to connect the point 1 that they gained in a difficult game at the opponent field.