Levain Cup vs Oita Trinita: Manager’s Comments

Miguel Angel Lotina

“It became a similar game as the previous Nagoya match. We kept the ball and played well in the 1st half but couldn’t continue it into 2nd half. Our defending time was getting longer, and the opponent’s attacking time got longer. Though even under the circumstances we didn’t give away so many chances, but we lost the goals when they turned on at the end. I am feeling that there are many areas we have to develop and improve. The positive thing is that Toshi (Toshiyuki Takagi) and (Eiichi) Katayama are back now. I’m also happy about how (Ayumu) Seko played. I want to focus on the positive side, and will face to the next game.”

Q: About Seko, you said you were happy about how he performed. What was good about his play?
“He has a strong personality, can use both feet and builds up. It is still early days of training together, so he should learn more concept, but he is definitely the player with many possibilities.”

Q: The defending time was rather long even in the 1st half. Was it a tactic and aiming counter attacks or just happened unintentionally?
“I was expecting that opponent would keep the ball, but we had ball sometimes too. We are trying to learn that’s habit right now but haven’t got it yet, so I want to focus on it. We kept ball and played well in the 1st half, however in the 2nd half, made some long kicks and failed to possess the ball with confidence. That is the 1st thing we have to improve.”