Levain Cup vs Oita Trinita: Players’ Comments

Bruno Mendes

“My honest feeling after the match is gutted and sad. Throughout the match, I felt we controlled the game, but I am so gutted to lose 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the match. I’m happy about my goal but feeling sad to be defeated.”

Q: About your goal. We saw similar goal by you at the friendly game in Thailand. Is that move you made, going in from that direction, your favourite way to score?
“Well, I always aim to enter that space with depth, and fight. Inside of the box is where my feature comes out, so I’m glad I scored, with luck and god’s bless on me.”

Kota Mizunuma

Q: You didn’t have big threats and seemed to defend through to the end until the 1st goal by the opponent. Don’t you think it might be too early to become defensive in the 2nd half?
“Of course it’s not good to be turned the game to other way around, and we must reflect we didn’t through our bodies to defend responsibly in front of the goal. After the 3 matches including the league matches, how to perform towards end of the game is the challenge for us. Ball possessing, and firm defence. We have to switch our head smoothly, and shouldn’t spend time in a situation that doesn’t get any better. That’s we must work out as a team. About myself, I thought I established good communication with Atomu (Tanaka) and Ei (Eiichi Katayama) from my today’s full-back position. The relationship at sides could be very important to carry the ball well. We did well for playing over and created the defence triangle until middle of the 2nd half. That was the positive point. At the match against Nagoya I spent more time just watching from outside, and the relationship between wing-back, 2nd striker and centre-back at attacks from side and possessing ball weren’t working well, so I was conscious about that points, and that was the positive thing. However the defeated result is everything, so I am upset, but we’ll have the next league match coming soon, so by focusing on the points we did well and moving on will make the team to get better. We must be positive right now. This is the moment we have to work hard and get through.”