The【2019 season, New Team Members Press Conference 】report

Thank you very much for attending at ‘2019 season, New Team Members Press Conference’ on Monday 14th January (Public holiday).
Here is the report from the conference;
■ Hiroaki Morishima / President & CEO
Hello, everyone. I’m Morishima, the president & CEO of Cerezo Osaka. Thank you for coming here today. (clapping in the venue) First of all, I really appreciate to have such many supporters and media people attending here for us, despite it being a public holiday today. It is also the first day of the new season for Cerezo Osaka today, so I visited the ground at Maishima earlier. I saw good expressions on the manager’s, staffs’ and players’ faces, felt their determination, and that made me excited. I can also see sparkles in the supporter’s eyes. We tried for the 4 titles in last season, but couldn’t achieve even the qualifying for ACL that we targeted. This season is the memorable year for us as the 25th anniversary of Cerezo Osaka. Under the new manager Miguel Angel Lotina, will be introduced later, we have some new players too. The club and the team will be united as one, we would like to have a good start to be able to grab the titles again and add the star. Please meet our new manager and new players today. Thank you for your support. (clapping in the venue)
■ Miguel Angel Lotina / Manager of the team
Hello. And thank you for coming here today. First of all, I would like to thank the president and Mr. Okuma. They trusted us and brought us to here. It is a huge pride for us to conduct at such a historic club like Cerezo. Our suitcase is filled with full of hope. However, we’ve brought not only hope and excitement but also sense of responsibility. I have to do a good job. I would like to tell all the fans and supporters that your support would be necessary and essential for us. We, players and staffs, will do our best, possess the attitude to fight as a team, and try to make all the fans and supporters to be proud. I come here to make the team to grow, the individual players to be developed, and to make the team that can fight against any opponent. I pay my respect to all the teams in J1 but have no fear to any opponents. I believe we can achieve our goal if we all united. Thank you very much. (clapping in the venue)
■ Kiyoshi Okuma / General Manager
I am so much appreciated to you for your attendance today despite it’s a public holiday. As the new president mentioned, I am sorry we couldn’t deliver satisfying result that you all were hoping. Under the new management, as the Mr Morishima’s word, ‘we’ll be a team to be loved and able to fight’. And it was important to have players who fit for the football which the manager imagined, then followed the fighting spirit and firm defence that were cultivated by former manager My Yoon, so I was working on reinforcement on the team to realize our dream. As Mr. Lotina was saying, the leading roles are the supporters who come to the stadium and fight for us at behind the goal like we do on the pitch, and we are so grateful to you. There can be a lot of things happened in J1, the league never give us an easy journey, like, even the advancing team like Kashiwa Reysol was demoted to J2 last season. We will work hard with possessing positive awareness, aiming for qualifying the ACL and adding another star, so your continuous support would be much appreciated. (clapping in the venue)
■ Ken Tokura / player
Hi, I’m Ken Tokura of Cerezo Osaka. Maybe, the pink uniform doesn’t go with me yet, (laughter in the venue), but once the season began, I will play the active parts and make this colour will be no longer strange on me for you and myself, and by the end of the season, I hope I become a man who looks good in the pink uniform. (clapping in the venue) By the way, my suitcase is filled with full of hope too, so please give me your full support. (laughter and clapping in the venue)
■ Naoyuki Fujita / player
How do you do, I’m Naoyuki Fujita. I’m hoping to play in the match soon, and I will be working hard as much as I can to be accepted by you all at here and also all the people who are involving in Cerezo. Thank you. (clapping in the venue)
■ Hiroaki Okuno / player
I’ve joined Cerezo Osaka by full transfer from Vegalta Sendai. I will work hard and fight for the team to aim the title. Thank you very much. (clapping in the venue)
■ Leandro Desabato / player
Hello, everyone. I am so glad to join Cerezo Osaka. I will try my best and make it a great year. Your support will be much appreciated. (clapping in the venue)
■ Bruno Mendes / player
Hi everyone. I’m Bruno Mendes. I’m 24 year old FW. I’m so glad to come and joined the big club like this. I’m so excited and cannot wait to play in the match. I’d love to get the title in this uniform. I would like to thank all the people who are here today and also I’m obliged to all the people who are involved in signing me. The thing I’m thinking of is that always try my best. Please watch out on it. I will fight with my fellow team mates, thanks. ARIGATO! (clapping in the venue)
■ Ivan Palanco / Head coach
Hello. It’s Ivan. I came from Barcelona. (in Japanese >) My Japanese is not very good yet (< in Japanese). (clapping in the venue) I want to do my best I can do. And I’m so honored to have a new adventure with the manager. I’d like to maximize my knowledge and take Cerezo to the highest place they can be. I hope fans and supporters will enjoy our soccer and be proud. ARIGATO-GOZAIMASU. (clapping in the venue)


Q : To the president, Mr. Morishima. Please describe your feeling after your greeting as a new president in front of the many supporters here.
As I stood as a president & CEO in front of people here today, I felt everyone’s thought towards Cerezo, I am determined to work hard, filled with willing of making the club to go to the right direction and to be loved.

Q : Please tell us your direction of the club, and what kind of team do you want to aim for.
As a club, to be constantly in the competitions to win the titles, and become a strong club and team. And, as I said earlier, to become a club to be loved by everyone. The club that makes all the supporters want to go to the stadium, the club everyone would love to work for, and above all, the team that all the players love to win the titles in Cerezo’s uniform, the club everyone possess the ‘Cerezo Love’, I would love to make the club like this together with all of you and myself.