Noriyuki Sakemoto leaves Cerezo Osaka

Noriyuki Sakemoto leaves Cerezo Osaka after his contract with the club expires at the end of the season.

≪Noriyuki Sakemoto Profile≫
Date of birth: 8.Sep.1984
Place of birth: Wakayama
Height & weight: 175cm, 73kg
Position: Defence

Hatsuhashi Hashimoto High School(2000)
Cerezo Osaka(2003)

J1 League: 153 games / 4 goals
J2 League: 126 games / 8 goals
J3 League: 9 games / 0 goals
J League Cup: 31 games / 0 goals
Emperor's Cup: 33 games / 1 goal
ACL: 12 games / 0 goal
Copa Suruga Bank: 1 games / 0 goal

“Due to the expiration of the contract, I am leaving Cerezo. First of all, for the players, staff, team staff, and all the sponsors, I thank you so much! I am filled with gratitude. Thinking back now, there were so many things that happened.
There were some painful times, tough times, joyful times and happy times, all the memories make me feel that I had truly fantastic times! Though I am leaving Cerezo, I wish for the success of the club, and always will be supporting the team as one of their fans! It is my pride that I played in Cerezo Osaka. Thank you so much for the past 16 years!”