J1 vs Nagoya Grampus: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“Many supporters came all the way to the Kincho stadium, as it was the last home game today. Even so, we could not bring a good result to them. I apologize for the result. At the moment, I want to clear my head because of many things on my mind. At least what I can say now, is that I am strongly feeling that football is all about a team, 11 players, 7 substitutes in the dugout, and the rest of the team. Of course, we need to unite with staff and fans as well, but, after the interval of the 2018 World Cup, we have not achieved it yet. It is all my fault. I have to bring our best form back as a manager. My players have done their best, but it’s been a struggle. It was very disappointing. I expected that we were going to be a team who threatens every opponent. Once the form was broken, putting it back is so hard. I really need to work out now to improve while discussing with my lads. We need to move on to the right direction based on reflection. The problem we are facing is for the team, not for a single person. We’d like to play better with a never-give-up spirit in the next three games.”