J1 vs FC Tokyo: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“At last, we delivered the victory to our supporters. We had a very tough time without wins for a while, but returned back to the 4-4-2 formation today and fought. By doing this, I aimed to bring our good memory back with what we used to do when we were playing well. And it turned up to be the game that our lads did exactly what we aimed for the 90 minutes. Though there were quite a few mistakes, all the players were covering each other and did their job. They kept the clean sheet, then had the chance at the end, and finished it off. It may have been luck, but soccer is the game like that. I think we established another chance to climb back up to the top group by today’s victory. We must not let this chance go away, and I believe the players know about that. There are not so many matches left to play, but we’ll do our best until the real end.”