J1 vs FC Tokyo: Players’ Comments

Hiroshi Kiyotake

Q: Please think back to the scene when you scored the goal?
“The opponent kept the ball for a while until that moment, but our counter attack was perfect. At the scene of the goal, I am happy what I did.”

Q: You finished the rebound that came from DF who hit the shot made by Kota Mizunuma, and that wasn’t an easy ball. Can you please describe?
“There was also another chance for Kota (Mizunuma) in the 1st half that he could shoot but made a pass instead, so I said to him he should go ahead at the chance like that. At the moment of the goal, Kota kicked the ball very hard, and also I was running in trusting him and myself. It wasn’t an easy shot, but I’m good at kicking the half-volley like that. I held myself well, aimed well and finished well. I was conscious about timing and try to be patient, and aimed at the cross side.”

Q: You maybe wanted to respond to the defenders’ strenuous efforts?
“The defenders helped us so many times today, so I was thinking that forwarders must reply to it and finish off. We played with the 4-4-2 formation today, and everyone was very conscious to make a block and defend well. And we had a great result.”

Q: It was a first goal for a while for yourself, wasn’t it?
“I am happy about the team’s victory. I didn’t want us dragging down after the loss of the Osaka derby. I am so happy to show our supporters the victory at an away game, after a while.”

Kim Jin Hyeon

“There were quite a few errors today, but everyone was covering up each other. (Tatsuya) Yamashita was on fire by being a starting member after a while, and also Yusuke (Tanaka) kept his high spirit on defence. Though we couldn’t gain our pace, had long time to be attacked by the opponent and still struggled in the 2nd half, we covered each other’s mistakes well. Defence-wise, we shifted with 4 backs like we used to do, each players were very conscious about how to play, and expressing their spirit. We can win at any matches if we play with high spirit like we had today. Kenyu (Sugimoto) and Yoichiro (Kakitani) might not be in their best condition yet, as it was their 1st game after a while, however if we can manage to keep the ball better at the front and link well, we should be able to play in our pace even during a tough period.”

Hotaru Yamaguchi

Q: Wasn’t it the victory after tolerance, after tolerance?
“Yes. As we witnessed. The result is more important than contents, it’s a huge thing that we had the result against the team like FC Tokyo, now we can aim to climb up onto a high position in the league table with today’s victory, and I feel this is leading us to the next stage. I want make this not only for today but link it to the next victory with better quality of the contents. We shifted our system back to the 4-4-2 formation today, and all of us played and defended well with tolerance. The defenders worked very hard, and that was the game we won as the one team.”