J1 vs Shonan Bellmare: Players’ Comments


“We challenged, tried to score goals and made some chances, but could not finish off. However, that is the soccer’s about, and the game like that happens. We lost the opening goal to the opponent when we were trying our best to score and win, but never gave up to fight, and that brought us to draw. Today, I think we showed the great sprits.”

Q: At the moment you scored the goal to draw, did you know the circumstances?
“No (laughter), all of sudden the ball came, and I struck it with my eyes closed.”

Q: You finished the ball that was rebound of the shoot made by Kim Jin-hyeon.
“Oh, then it was his assist then (laughter). I’m so grateful the ball came to me, because of him.”

Q: It’s so different that if you finish with the 0 point or get the 1 point, isn’t it?
“That’s right. The opponent was the team who run with hard work and fight. So I’m glad to get the 1 point from the opponent like that at their home.”

Q: Wasn’t it a big upset the Kenyu Sugimoto’s injury for the team?
“We had to shift the way we play, so we struggle a bit for the action. However, we have many good players in our team. Like Kazuya (Yamamura), he can be a CB as well as FW. He can adapt swiftly at the situation like this. Also, Toshi (Toshiyuki Takagi) covered it immediately. Regarding the quality of players, we possess so many good players.”

Kim Jin Hyeon

Q: The shoot you made by going up, resulted the draw goal by Souza. What were you thinking when you went up?
“It was my fault that we couldn’t earn the 3 winning point at the last match, so I faced today’s match with eager to get the 3 winning point. The opponent created some chances in the 1st half but we defended well in the 2nd half with hardly any chances. But we lost a goal in that circumstances, and I felt it would be only regret if we lost the match, so I went up to aim at least the draw. I am glad that resulted the draw at the end.”